Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 25 JJ's drawing of Me!

I sang at church last week.  This is what JJ drew while I was singing!
See...look close...I'm even holding a microphone! 
Warmed my heart!
Thanks JJ! You're always my nubmer 1 fan! :)
Love you, Son!

Day 24 Hannalee and Halle Ann

Can you tell who is the happiest??  That is cousin Halle Ann.  She's precious! 
We waited  A LONG TIME  to get to hold her! 
A very long time!!!

Day 23 Hannalee on horse with Papa Jerry

My Little Cowgirl....
who knows if she'll ever "really" barrel race?! 
Only time will tell....

Day 22 Hannalee and Erin

This is Erin.  She is another very sweet and special friend of Hannalee's. 
They go to Sunday school together and get to play together at WeeSchool!

Thanks for being so sweet Erin!
We love you!

Day 21 Finger Nails!!!

Hannalee's sweet friend Bennett called one day and invited Hannalee to go to their nails done! 
What a special treat!! 
Bennett wanted them to do their toenails too, so in the dead of winter
they "had to wear" their flipflops!
By no surprise, we knew exactly where our flipflops were!
Thanks Bennett and Ms. Whitney!
I had a great time!

Day 20 Volleyball Over the Fence

So, our sweet neighbors next door ---
Aiden was playing outside at the same time Hannalee and JJ were.
They usually talk through the fence, over the fence from their forts but this day,
they started throwing balls back and forth to each other! Over the fence!

It was funny!! 
We love you Aiden!!
Thanks for playing ball with us!
And today (a few days after this actual pic was taken)
they were all, including Miss Kristi, were all throwing
SNOWBALLS over the fence!

Day 19 Sleep over at Collins

This JJ's friend Collin!  They go to school together.  Collin came one day after school and then at the end of the week Collin's mom said he was DYING to have JJ spend the night!  So she text us that Friday morning at 6:45 to see if JJ could spend the night.  It was his first "friend" sleep over!!  He's spent lots of nights with cousins and grandparents, but this was a pretty big deal! Thanks Collin for inviting him over.  These boys both LOVE and I mean LOVE their boots, hats, and John Deere tractor. I think JJ has found the other "pea in his pod" in Collin!! 

Day 18 Kawanis Carnival

We went to the Kawanis carnival...with a lot of tickets!!! 
We had fun!

Day 17 SNOW DAY!!!

 That school! Almost 6" of snow here! They said we'd get 1-2" ....glad they were wrong!

No school also meant snowball fights with the neighbors, a tractor  ride with  Papa Jerry, sledding down the neighbors hill and snow ice cream from our sweet new neighbors! I love having the best neighbors in the world! On both sides!! WHAT A BLESSING!!!

Day 10 Hannalee's sweet smile

you are so sweet and smart! I love how 
independent you are and I love how
determined you are!
It might get you in trouble sometimes, but I promise,
it will serve you well in the long run.  
The Bible describes the woman Elizabeth as someone
"who lived her life with zest!" 
And that my sweet daughter, is why your middle name is just that!
I love you to the moon and back!

Day 13 WOCS Promises Program

Don't you love all of these colorful "costumes?" 
hahaha!  Good job, kiddos!!

God is faithful to His promises! Always remember that JJ! 
He will never fail you! 

Day 15 JJ's 100th Day of WOCS Kindergarten

Homework tonight was to count 100 of something to bring to school the next day.  So we took 100 crayons and counted them out into 10 piles of 10.  :)  They got a little spread out by the end! :) 

Thanks for working so hard at school, JJ!

Day 14 Hannalee and Kennedy

Silly girls playing horses and babies on Nana's bed!!  How sweet!!

Day 12 WOCS Trip to the Oklahoma Science Museum

What a fun day! 
JJ's teacher, Mrs Dungan, on a Segway!

What a sweet group of kids!!