Thursday, April 30, 2009

2 Kings 23-25

Day 120

Well...nothing like posting twice in one day because I was behind.  

Now then......

Chapter 23   Josiah wastes no time in renewing the covenant from the lost and found Law book.  He zealously wants to restore Judah's relationship with the God of Israel.  He begins ridding the places of their pagans idols and shrines.  The temple itself is cleaned out by burning all of the pagan articles, including the Asherah pole.  the destruction is ongoing and immense....seems to reflect the wickedness of the people and its depth.  Josiah is not merely going through the motions but he is truly passionate and sincere about serving the Lord.   How often do we just go through the motions?  It must be as verse 25 states, "with our heart, soul, and strength!"  

Chapter 24    God was so excited and willing to forgive the people during Josiah's reign. They were so close to being an obedient people.  But sadly the people of Jerusalem consistently do the opposite. Jehoiachin is King of Judah....he reigned 3 months.   Following king Jehoiachin's deportation, Nebuchadnezzar strips the temple of the riches and the leaders...and deports them all to Babylon to serve as slaves.  Though God listens, hoping to hear them speak of their sincere love and doesn't happen.  God desires to hear from us as well!!!  But forgiveness of sin requires only one thing......our turning from sin...our repentance!  Ask and meditate on the Word and confess!  

Chapter 25  Zedekiah attempts to escape south, but is caught and taken to Babylon too. Jerusalem falls to the Babylonian army and it is looted and utterly destroyed.  Gehaliah, governor, is murdered and the people escape to Egypt to avoid the inevitable wrath of Babylon...taking Jeremiah with them.   

Tomorrow:  1 Chron 1-2

2 Kings 20-22

Day 119

How many days does it take to learn a lesson about getting up earlier than you'd really to get up and blog????!! For the love of the blog, I must get up earlier!!! MY STARS!! I didn't even blog yesterday.   But I got to workout in the morning, my mom came over to play with the kids, I went to lunch with a new friend, I went to the eye dr. (he used the "B" word......BIFOCALS!!!) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I'M not the one turning 40.   He said its close enough to 40.   But I learned the appropriate word for bifocals is really "progressive lenses!"   THAT doesn't sound near as bad!!! 

And as for Choco's "eyeballs"........when Dusty and JJ went to pick him up from the vet, JJ got down in Choco's face, looked him square in the eyes and said, "Yep.  Him's better!"    I love that kid!!!  We have hooted and laughed about it!

so......chapters 20-22 -- Hezekiah dies.   There are envoys (not the GMC kind) from Babylon,  Manassahe is King of Judah.  Amon is king of Judah.  And they find the book of the Law!!!!Now then, you'd think there would be no more excuses for worshipping idols....after all, they found the rules/laws of what not to do!   

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 Kings 18-19

Day 118

I've been reading on Beth Moore's blog...about Compassion International and sponsoring children.  My  folks are sponsoring several children through this program.  I've been looking at their website today.  I mean, $32  a month.....we eat out once and spend that.   Just a plug. :)  I also know of a program in Guatemala that pays for kids to go to school with sponsorships.   It's in a village that I've been too and love!!! I'll take my little family there someday.  :)   It's at San Lucas Toliman  BEST COFFEE THE WORLD!! Hand picked!  Literally!  I've hand picked it out ....bean by bean....its the best!!! sniff, sniff....   ahhhhh! :) 

Chapter 18  OH!!  the dog has to get to the vet!! He's getting neutered!!!!   Be back later!!!! we took the dog to the vet.   
JJ said, "is he -ick?  (He can't say his "s" sound all the time.)  
I said no, he's not sick......he just has to get fixed.  
 JJ:  "what's wrong with him?"   
Me: Well....he just, he well...he's getting his balls cut off!"   ( couldn't believe  I said it but JJ didn't really know.)   
So we get to the vet, JJ is telling the receptionist, "yep....he's gotta get his eyeballs fixed!!!"  
 I nearly peed my pants!! EYEBALLS!!!!   Can't wait to see what JJ does when Choco gets home.  I"m sure that will be tomorrrow's post....... the Bible....chapter 18    FINALLY!!! A good king that takes down the high places and breaks the stones!!!  for pete's sake.....He is known as a reformer for finally taking down the local sanctuaries/and the cultic symbols.  Hezekiah was faithful to the deuteronomic law and was a firm believer in monotheism (one God!).  Hezekiah trusted God like no other king before had ever done. Hezekiah held fast to the Lord and didn't depart from the law of Moses.  Samaria has fallen and now that northern kingdom is at the hands of the Assyrians.  It appears the Hezekiah had rebelled against the king of Assyria but was able to survive foreign invasion because he had been obedient and faithful.  HELLOOOOO?Have we heard this before?   Samaria fell  and was destroyed because the people of Israel were disobedient.  This story implies that Hezekiah trust had put Judah on the side of the Lord.  The Assyrians are trying to intimidate Hezekiah and the people...they are pointing fingers and yelling to the people in the public square that they shouldn't listen to Hezekiah because he can't give them security.  That he won't lead them in the right way......they are questioning on what Hezekiah is basing his confidence.  We know the answer....the Lord!  The Lord is our confidence!

Chapter 19   Crisis seems to bring out the best in Hezekiah....God answers his prayers and vindicates (clears the blame) him and his trust.  Isaiah's prophecy is fulfilled and Jerusalem is saved.!

tomorrow:  an update on Choco's "eyeballs" and chapters 20-22

Monday, April 27, 2009

2 Kings 15-18

Day 117

Only 4 more days and Dusty will be 40!!  We moved our membership  yesterday during church and joined at First Baptist.  It's a good thing!!!  It's the right place and was the right time.  

Chapter 15  He killed someone in order to get to be king. He does evil. He rules.  He dies.  Kinda seems how most of the chapters are going.  Oh y a......they weren't even nice to the women who were pregnant.  So gross I can't even type it.   They were preventing more warriors who would grow up one day to fight against them...but the kings didn't reign, or live for that fact, long enough for the kids to have grown up.  

Chapter 16 Ahaz was one of Judah's worst kings.  During his 16 year reign, he was under attack from all directions.  I've added a link (to the right) that links you to a chart about which king was where and who and when.  When they kill each other off like they do, and thrones change quickly, it hard to keep them straight. I was trying there...but that was before this reading.  :)  I give up!  Read the chart! :)  So Ahaz was the worst king because of his desire for success....and that meant being willing to participate in pagan worship....and that included human sacrifices.  THAT is why he was the worst.  

The Sabbath canopy....this is the only place in the Bible where it is mentioned. 

Chapter 17  Hoshea reigned 9 years ......the Israelites have been exiled by God because of their sin.  They knew they were sinning....they just thought they were sinning in secret!  They didn't fully understand God did they?!  They worshipped God, and simultaneously worshipped false idols "behind his back."   Over the course of years, Assyria repopulated the land with other conquered people....each with its own religion....then there was the Israelite missionary who was sent back from exile.  In hopes to teach the foreigners how to worship God.  Didn't work.  Too many different practices....there was widespread panic and to many nationalities with different cultural identities.  

Lesson learned: No matter what we do....God is with us!  God knows every sin we commit, yet He is also intimately aware of our every need.  Take your needs to the King's throne today!!  

tomorrow:  18-19

Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 Kings 12-14

Day 116

I see the OKC Memorial Marathon is today!  OH MY.....there was a day before kids that I was there.  Two years in a row and I did the 1/2 marathon.  WOW!!  I barely have recuperated from going back to water aerobics!!!   Next year, dear race, next year!! :)  Better start my training today! :)  

Chapter 12  So they are supposed to have been repairing the temple...I mean after all, they had been taking the money out of the offering to repair it....But by the 23rd year...they still hadn't repaired it.  They put a new device in place for the collection of money and put work in hand!And then King Joash has a decline in political and moral areas.  Syria (Aram) makes inroads into Judah and threatens Jerusalem....the king dies at the hands of his servants.  

Chapter 13  Jehoash of Israel reigns for 16 years and there is war with Judah.  Elisha's last prediction of victory of Syria is realized.  The prophet dies, but even in death his body retains God-given power....his bones were alive!! ??   Hum......another miracle of God that proves that the God Elisha served is still living and working among his people.  THAT is our lesson learned...where do you see God today......working and moving among you?  What is God doing in your life??  Don't just think about it...tell others about it!!

Chapter 14  Amaziah is a "good"king who regins 29 years...victory over Edom goes to his head.The disastrous challenge to Jehoash brings the forces of Israel right into Jerusaelm looting the Temple, and other treasures.

Jeroboam II rules for 41 years...he was politically strong but after his death the nation fell apart.  Like always it seems, there is corruption....extreme wealth and poverty...the grinding down of the poor and the weak.   

Okay.....go read.  go live.  go tell!!!  go love!!  

tomorrow:   15-17

Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 Kings 9-11

Day 115

ahhhhhhh.....the sound of sleeping children.   :)  

Our butterflies have emerged!!!!!  All but one.  He'd better come out today or he's going to be lonely.....I'm afraid to let them go in the wind today, but they've got to get out of the laundry room!!  They've been eating sugar water off a cotton ball in the bottom of the butterfly pavilion!!!Time for them to move on.   Hum...what's our next project??  Hum......any ideas?! :)  

Chapter 9 Jehu is appointed king by a coup!! Isn't that a funny way to become king??  Run into the house, dump so oil on him, and announce that he is king.  But! You'd better run fast and get out of there!!!!  Elisha has carried out Elijah's final commissions and looses no time in killing King Joram of Israel, Ahaziah of Judah who is with him, and finally Queen Jezebel....all deaths fulfilling the prophecy of Elijah.  Gruesome and gross!!!!  

Chapter 10  This was a blood bath if there ever was one!! All of Ahab's family, many in the royal house of Judah, and the prophets, priests and worshippers of Ba'al loose their lives!!!  Objects associated with Ba'al worship are destroyed. BUT!!! More now how I love it......for all the death and destruction, they've turned around and created shrines at Bethel and God's laws are still neglected!!  Jehu reigns for 28 years but they loose the land east of the Jordan to Syria.  

Chapter 11  Queen Athaliah, Ahaziah's mother and the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, reigned for 6 years.  These are some of the darkest days of the nation's history. The royal line of David is all but wiped out....only the baby Joash survives and another coup (bloodless this time) puts Joash on the throne....he was 7!Not what I want JJ doing when he's 7.  The constitutional monarchy is restored and the covenant with God is re-affirmed!  

Lessons learned:  We can't say it enough, read it enough, or learn the lesson enough.....obedience to God.  If you obey, God will fulfill!!  Simple enough, huh?! :)   

tomorrow:   12-14

Friday, April 24, 2009

2 Kings 6-8

Day 114

Box of diapers $30.
Formula $22.
Medicine for the ear infection you didn't know about $21.
Sleeping through the night Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 6  Don't you hate it when that happens?  You borrow something and then you break it?!  The poor guy was so poor that he had to borrow the ax and then the head fell off of it and it sank! Mercy!   He was worried about that like as if he had borrowed a neighbors lawn mower.  THAT I would worry about....but an axhead?! But he was so poor that he couldn't begin to replace it  Elisha to the rescue and made the iron float.  The army of God protects Elisha and he is proven to be a true prophet of God to the king (Joram).  But there is a famine so great in the land that they have resorted to what I know as the "Al Packer Meal Plan!!!!"  YUCK!!  I know of Al Packer because of Lake City,'s not in the Bible, but he was a cannibal just like we have here.  Extreme behavior.....people had to literally be out of their mind to do such things!!!  I guess the less here is:  if you can't count the calories in it, don't eat it!!!! :)  

Chapter 7 Elisha was surrounded by peace but it, like many times, doesn't last. Ben-hadad of Syria returns to lay siege to Samaria, and the people were reduced to starvation.  The Arameans have  left their horses and donkeys out in the countryside in hopes that the city folks will go out and get them because they are starving....and when the city people go to take the animals, the Arameans will take over the city. But the king sent out his "test men" to see what the trap was all about.  Not an unreasonable conclusion.  But the scouts realize that the Arameans have really and truly fled in haste because their clothes, etc were all along the escape route.  This was good news to the Israelite king.  They plunder the campsite and it is so well stocked that prices increase and Elisha's prophecy was fulfilled!!!

Chapter 8  God tells Elisha that Hazael will not only become king of Aram but also that he will terrorize the Israelites.  Not good news for Elisha but he  doesn't even argue with God.  Elisha understands that God does not ordain, control, or allow.   Elisha has a quiet acceptance of God's will.  Do we?  Hum......we don't understand things that happen, but Elisha's response can teach us all about dealing with difficult circumstances.....God sees the forest.....and all we see are the trees.  I just hope Al Packer isn't in them! hahahahahah! :)  sorry.....couldn't resist!

We are off to "trailer sit" my father in laws trailers today.....he'll be out of town and wants someone to be there in case someone wants to buy a trailer.  I can take someone else's money any day! :)  Plus he pays me just to sit in their house and play with my own kids all day.  Can't beat that!!!   

tomorrow:  9-11

Thursday, April 23, 2009

2 Kings 4-5

Day 113

 Chapter 4 Don't you just love miracles?!  The widow woman had been left a large amount of debt from her dying husband.   The law was that if you had debt, then the people you owed money to could legally come and take property and children in order to make up for the debt.  But in walks Elisha.  He couldn't change the law but he could help the woman out.  She was to ask neighbors for some empty jars and Elisha performs a miracle, liking to those even of Jesus, by giving her an abundant amount of oil.  Elisha told her to sell the oil to have enough money to pay off her debt.  

The second miracle in this chapter is the Shunammite's son who was restored to life.She was surprised to hear that this time next year she would be holding a boy in her arms.  As he grew he became sick and he died in his mother's arms and she laid him on the bed of Elisha, who she was being very hospitable to without expecting anything in return.  Elisha's servant, Gehazi, is sent to greet her and eventually laid the staff on the boy's face, but it didn't "awaken" him and they went to get Elisha.  Mouth to mouth, eyes to eyes, hands to hands and Elisha warmed up the boy and he comes back to life after sneezing 7 times and he opened his eyes.  

Chapter 5  So here's Naaman, the boss the military army of the Arameans.  Naaman has a terrible skin disease and this carries a social stigma with it and is even associated with death.  Elisha gives Naaman a task to do (like on the Amazing Race?!) and he is angry and wasn't going to do the dipping in the river that Naaman suggested.  The servants convinced him to go and do it and he had to leave his own country  to go down to the waters of Israel!!  His greatness and pride about got in the way of his healing and health.  He is healed and God gets the victory!!  

Give God the victory for YOUR healing and good health!!!   Give God the victory.  Period.  :)

Tomorrow :   chapters 6-8

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 Kings 1-3

Well......its day 111 came and went while I enjoyed every bit of sunshine that I could  and there was NO WIND. It was a rare day here in western Oklahoma.  Even the windmills north of here were turned off.  THAT rarely happens.  I'm going to have to blog better now that the weather is going to finally act like spring.  I'm ready to get out of the house already!!!  JJ is already outside in shorts and a t-shirts.....sported with John Deere boots of course!!! I"m ready to join him....give me sunshine on my shoulders!!!  

2 Kings 1-2 So......1 Kings is over and Ahaziah reigned for two years and Moab got independence.  Ahaziah seeks advice from a Philistine god and God sends Elijah and pronounces God's judgment on his idolatry.   Elijah is then taken up to heaven in the whirlwind and the spirit of him falls down on Elisha.  Elijah really wanted to do this alone, but there was Elisha at every point, turning and following him.  Elijah has a reappearance in Matthew 17 at the transfiguration of Jesus which underlines the importance of this man amongst all the prophets of God.  Elish, left alone, takes up his task straight away.

2 Kings 3:  Joram reigned for 12 years.  A punitive expedition against Moab by the allied forces of Israel, Judah  and Edom, is made hazardous by drought.  Elisha, loving music, promises to end the drought and seeks victory!  

Tomorrow:  chapters 4-5

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1 Kings 21-22

Day 111

Haven't read last nights reading yet. OOOPS!! Fell asleep and never even knew when Dusty came to bed.  I guess loosing at Bunco just wore me out!!! :)   '

Check back later for a posting.......

Monday, April 20, 2009

1 Kings 18-20

Day 110

JJ got to sit with us in big church last night.  We left the house to check on the baby chicks at 4:00 and church wasn't until 6:00.  We didn't come back to the house before church and didn't really have anything for JJ to read or draw on during church.  but we found some paper and a book that he looked at...he did really good for sitting in big church!!!   We were proud of him.  I whispered at one point that he was doing really good and that I was proud of him. I whispered, "keep doing good and you'll get John Deere ice cream when we get home!" Well...he did good and got the ice cream.......its lime sherbert....ANYTHING that is green is the same to him as John Deere.  No...there isn't really John Deere ice cream...but there is if you're JJ!!!  

Chapter 18   So here's the problem......the people of Israel think they can worship two gods...Baal and's a pagan god and one's the True God.  They think they will receive blessings from both.....not gonna happen! :)  Elijah, the prophet, makes it clear that nothing could be further from the truth.  God is a jealous God....there will be no other god.  Verse wavering between two must choose God!  The pagan god, Baal is not able to produce fire.  The fire that burns is from God.  The rains come too and the drought ends....only God can do that!

Chapter 19  Elijah takes of and runs for his life!  On the heels of an incredible victory, the excitement has passed and spiritual and physical strain leave Elijah depressed.  Jezebel still holds the whip and threats.  Elijah escapes and goes to Mt. and water provided by an angel.   In the same place where God made Himself known to Moses, God speaks to Elijah.    Not so alone anymore, Elisha is there to help him and continue God's work.

Chapter 20  War.  War. And more war.  The bottom line of this was made to demonstrate that hills and plains alike are under God's dominion.  

Tomorrow:  finishing 1 kings with chapters 21-22.    We will have read 11 books of the Bible!!! Can you believe it????!!  Good job!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

1 Kings 15-17

Day 109

Chapter 15  So Jeroboam is still reigning in the North (Israel) and now Abijah is king in the southern kingdom, Judah.  He was a terrible king....he committed all the sins his father and done before him, his heart was not fully devoted to God (like David's was) but....there was continual war.  These "books of annals" it is talking about are sources that the author of 1 and 2 Kings used while writing this historical this means that this is not an "eyewitness" account.  It was being written as it happened....THEN it was written.  But these books are probably official court records from the royal archives in Jerusalem.  I kept wondering what they were.  So now we know.  :)

Chapter 16 So these kingdoms are at constant war....war has become the norm since the kingdom has divided.  So Asa becomes king in the south, Nadab in the north then Baasha in the north again.  The Israelites try to live in Jericho after its destruction, but the city was unwalled and unfortified.  

Chapter  17    The ravens, the widow and the "dead" boy!   What a chapter!  We've never had  ravens feeding humans before, huh?! :)  The widow and her son were completely out of food and hope.  She was preparing to die.  But God never fails.  That old widow woman could never imagine in her wildest dreams the miracle that God had planned for her.  The same God who brought drought was also the God would gave sustenance to the woman and her son through Elijah.  And then the boy dies and the women thinks that it is because Elijah is in her house. But thank goodness he was -- he took him upstairs, laid down on top of him and cried out to the Lord.  And then the woman knew for sure that when her son was alive that Elijah was a prophet from the Lord.   

Lesson learned:  when our own resources appear to be tapped out, we can trust that God is greater than our circumstances--even when we doubt!  

Tomorrow:  18-20

Saturday, April 18, 2009

1 Kings 12-14

Day 108

Grrrrr! Kids who don't sleep!!! Grrrrrrr!  If I sound grumpy while reading....I am. sorry. :)  

Chapter 12  So Solomon's dead and Israel rebels against Rehoboam....the one thing that has held the nation together with unity was worshipping the one God.  Without the religious tie, the king and people would go down together.....Samuel and Saul knew this would happen.The kingdom has been reduced because Solomon broke the covenant and disobeyed the commands of the Lord.  With Rehoboam as king the people complain and he just strong arms the people even more.  The rebel tribes declare independence and set Jeroboam up as king is Israel....the northern kingdom.  Jeroboam breaks with the temple in Jerusalem (southern kingdom, Judah) because he is afraid the people will defect by them having to go there for pilgrim-feasts.  he creates two sanctuaries and an unlawful priesthood.  He creates bull calves as idolatry like Aaron did and has been set on the downward path of sin against God.

Chapter 13  the man from God was the voice of a prophet...the point of the that God must be obeyed.  The prophet's death is a sign to Jeroboam and Israel of the severity with which God deals with disobedience.  So....Jeroboam brings ruin and destruction on his dynasty through his deliberate waywardness.

Chapter 14 Jeroboam, king of Judah in the south, (gotta keep these straight now...the kingdom has will fall to the other eventually....keep these straight....Israel/north; Judah/south).  Jeroboam wants to know what the prophet Ahijah can tell him about his son's illness, but he is reluctant to go and see for himself.  So he send his wife to do his dirty work and even tells her to disguise herself.  But to no avail.  She receives devastating news from the prophet:  her son will die.  And the irony (there is always irony isn't there?!) the irony is that it is out of honor....he is the only "good" thing or person in that family...yet he will die.  

While Jeroboam was king in Israel.......3 kings reigned in the south.....Rehoboam, Abijah and Asa.  Here too, in the south, pagan religion flourishes under Rehoboam (son of one of Solomon's foreign wives). The loose the Temple and the treasures to the invading Egyptian pharaoh, and the north and south are constantly at war.  

The lesson can't be learned enough.....obey the Lord.  Obey the Lord.  Obey.  :)  

tomorrow:  15-17

Friday, April 17, 2009

1 King 10-11

Day 107

Have you ever been to a water aerobics class?  Don't let anyone  tell you that it isn't a workout!!! IT IS!!! Just ask me and my sister in law!!!!  We've been sore all week.....first day was our calves and we couldn't walk!   It's a solid hour of cardio and lifting weights...the weights being empty downy detergent bottles filled with water and lifting them above your head!! As much as I carry Hannlee arms are STILL sore today after last night! I've done this class in the past, but I've now realized how much the girls and I just talked waaaaaaay more than we worked out in the pool. Oh well....we had fun at the time....Kimberly and I are having fun....we're just not talking as much and are huffing and puffing!  

Chapter 10  The Queen of Sheba -- she couldn't believe what wealth and wisdom Solomon had so she had to go see for herself.  Jesus even talked about her in Matthew 12:42 saying that she had to come see for herself and listen to Solomon's wisdom.  She had several reasons for the trip...obviously her curiosity was a factor.  And she wants to have a a trade agreement with Israel and Solomon to do business throughout the earth.  

666   -- there is no apparent significance here to the amount of money that Solomon receives. But it is equal to about 25 today's money.....the BILLION-dollar range!  Billion!!!

Chapter 11 Here comes the king's downfall....women and wives.  He has so many political marriages that it gets him in trouble with God......even though God promised him the wealth and wisdom that Solomon asked for, Solomon still insists on taking many wives.  Even worse...they are foreigners, married to form simply and only political alliances.   These foreign wives worship pagan gods and makes for not a good union with the Lord.  He is blinded by love and finds it easier to stray from the Lord than to stay close to the Lord.    Therefore, Solomon's son will not inherit the kingdom....he only gets one tribe of the is Jeroboam's son, Rehoboam, that will get the kingdom.  Solomon lacked a true commitment to the Lord and it cost his own son the kingdom.  This is made very clear in verse 38....IF you obey...yes, it's OUR part...not on God's!! The "I will" are God's promises.....He will do His part and fulfill His promises....but we have to do ours first!!!

This story is our lesson: it is a clear call to us today to be sure that nothing, and no one, comes between us and our worship and obedience.  

tomorrow 12-14

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1 Kings 8-9

Day 106

Oh shoot! I had a funny to tell you today.....I thought about it last night........can't remember it this morning. I know it had to, no, has to do with coupons!  I know.  Coupons.  Last night at church we were talking about being remorseful (like Judas Iscariot) vs. being redeemed.  Judas was remorseful for what he did to Jesus and so remorseful, that he hung himself.  What would have happened had he NOT hung himself?  Jesus would have forgiven him and he would have been redeemed.  Being remorseful is no good if you aren't redeemed.  Like a coupon...we are no good if we just sit in our coupon box, or stay in the paper and never get cut out and redeemed.  There is only value in being redeemed!!!  There's your Thursday morning sermon. :)   Thanks be to God for resurrection and redemption! Amen?  Amen!!

Chapter 8   Well, I've got a little extra time on my hands this morning so I thought I'd go through this chapter verse by verse....all 66 of them.  Here we go!  Okay...NOT!   If I had that much time, I'm sorry, but it wouldn't be to do all 66 verses.  :)  Solomon's prayer is at the heart of this entire chapter about the dedication ceremony.  The ark gets moved from Zion to here and God's presence fills the temple.  The whole temple building shines with the light of God's presence--the same bright cloud that once rested on God's tent in the  desert (Exodus 40: 34-38).  Solomon asks that God will hear the prayers of the people and forgive the sin of his people when they focus on the temple--even though no building on earth could ever contain the God of heaven.  Prayer is followed by blessing (v. 54-61) by sacrifices (v. 62-64--could they REALLY and did they REALLY burn 120,000 cattle??  I can't believe they stand the smell of the burning!! UGH!!  

And don't you think it is interesting that Solomon is married to Pharaoh's daughter?!   Oh more irony! I love it!!  He's married to an Egyptian woman that worships pagan god's and yet there is Solomon offering praise and worship to God.  Hum...what's in Solomon's heart really?  Interesting.  

I also like the verse 61...."but your hearts must be fully committed to the Lord our God, to live by his decrees and obey his commands, as at this time."  That's our lesson learned.

Chapter 9  God speaks to Solomon again and repeats the promise made to David (v. 3-5) but this time, there is a warning (v. 6-9)....don't turn away from the matter what!!!  Solomon gives away 20 of his cities for a loan (v. 10-14)...hum....part of a stimulus package??  Or part of the bailout plan?  OH Solomon..........!   There is a labor force needed so the native Canaanites provide permanent slave-labor.  And the Israelites are pressed into short-term forced labor!  He even creates the first merchant navy and trades with Arabia and beyond!  

Tomorrow:  10-11

Be a coupon!!!  :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1 Kings 6-7

Day 105

No stories......other than the 5 caterpillars are ALL in their chrysallis and the eggs are all 20 some odd the garage.  Dusty has another 20something at school.  Where are we going to put all of these chicks I hear you ask????  At Papa Jerry's place!  Not here!  Dusty has several places to put them and one nice big hen house that they roost in.   It's fun.  

Chapters 6-7  Well...there was some gold, and there was more gold and more gold and more gold.  That about covers the temple.  It took 7 years.  Then there was the palace (took 13 years to build), some more gold...throw in some bronze...don't use any tools on either (that's how the pagans did it) and the main point is  found in v. 11-13.....God is with His people.   That's it.   That's the lesson learned......God is with You!  Be His people today!  You are loved!

Tomorrow:  chapters 8-9

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1 Kings 3-5

Day 104

What story to tell  today?  The story about me going back to water aerobics after a year and the 2 new blisters I have on my big toes?  Or the story about the baby chicks hatching in the garage or the caterpillars "cocooning" on the kitchen table.....oh well....I'll just blog! :)  

Chapter 3  GIVE ME SOME WISDOM!!!!!!!!!!!  As a mother, a wife.......oh...that was King Solomon.  We should take note though.....God appears to Solomon in a dream offering a gift which is his to choose.  He asks for wisdom to rule his people justly. Its is the choice of a man whose heart is right before God and so he is given more than he asks for.  THAT already, is our lesson learned.  Solomon will be well known for his wise judgment; his fame.  And because of his wisdom and justice the kingdom will prosper like never before.  I was amazed at how everyone in the kingdom is to take care of the king....each tribe having a different month to feed and provide for him. that the first "fellowship" committee?? :)    

Cut the child in two??! OH MY!!!  Of course, only the real mother would say to NOT cut the baby and just to give the baby to the other women in order to save the child!  How wise and just Solomon already is.....his ruling of the two quarreling mothers is perhaps the most famous of his wisdom in action. 

Chapter 4  King Solomon had a much greater bureaucracy than King David....governors, harems, ministers, civil servants, domestics, etc....must have numbered into the thousands.  It does take the 12 tribes to maintain them all!  The nation is experiencing peace and prosperity like they have never known before.  We know they are flourishing because of the vines and fig trees....symbols of fertility and wealth...I do NOT want figs here! :)  Two kids are our blessings! :)  God repeatedly and repeatedly promised that they would prosper...all they had to do was obey...sound familiar??!! long will it last THIS time?!  :)  A lesson never learned.  It will last during Solomon's reign...and check out the temple...using all the resources available to construct a temple to God!!!  What resources are you using for and to God?  

Chapter 5  Preparing for the temple is a massive effort!! MASSIVE!!!    BUT!! OH my...remember what Samuel the prophet said....a king would require and tax the people.....would make great demands!  The workers are not actually slaves but they are "drafted" so to speak into the work force and really......have no choice.  30,000 laborers; 70,000 carriers; and 80,000 stonecutters......a monumental project.  See the picture below of Solomon's temple.   It was David's great ambition to build a temple to God but was realized by his son.  More details on the temple tomorrow.

Tomorrow:   chapters 6-7

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!! Let the people rejoice...........

Monday, April 13, 2009

1 Kings 1-2

Day 103

Chapter 1   King David is old an man now and the throne is up for grabs!  Well...not for grabs really, but Adonijah thought it was.  He thought he should have been the heir to the throne.   He rounded up the backing of the Joab (the army commander) and Abiathar (one of the chief priests.)  But the throne has been promised to Solomon (Adonijah's half brother).  Nathan was quick thinking and the king took action to ensure that Adonijah was outwitted.  Solomon was made king and initially a co-king with David.  

Chapter 2  As death approached King David he gives Solomon final instructions and advice.  Adonijah pays dearly for what he requests from the king....Solomon thinks his request is a second bid for the throne for he has asked for "possession" of one of his predecessor's harem.  Abithar is dismissed and Joab dies a violent death.  And Shimei, another troublemaker, had been put on paroled in Jerusalem.  He breaks parole and Solomon has him killed.

Lessons learned:  like Adonijah and Joab went to the temple to the horns of the altar to seek refuge....for us....go to the Lord to seek refuge!  

Tomorrow:  1 Kings 3-5

Sunday, April 12, 2009

2 Samuel 22-24

Day 102

Happy Easter!!! What a mighty God we serve!!!!

Chapter 22 This is David's "song of praise" -- he has been saved from enemies; God is his strength and stronghold; the Lord spoke; the Lord rescued David; David has been rewarded for his righteousness; the Lord lives! God is the Rock and is Exalted and is praised among all nations!!! David has been a poet, a shepherd, a soldier and a great leader. This same song is also found in Psalm 18. What parts of this poem/song apply to your life? Go back and underline the parts that speak to you and thank God for the ways He has helped and delivered you!

Chapter 23 The last words of David....God has made an everlasting covenant with David and his salvation with be David's full desire. (Many of these stories of David will be found again in the book of 1 Chronicles.) David's men risk their lives to fetch water for David. And he pours it out! Justify FullWHAT?!! But these men have just risked their lives to get the water!! BUT!!! David pours it out as an offering and sacrifice to the Lord. By pouring out the water David is communicating his regret for a foolish request that causes three men to risk their lives.

Chapter 24 The Lord was angry again and made (even really seduced them--to see if they'd fall for it) David and his men take another census. This census was to see if David would boast in the strength of his men OR in the power of God alone! David is given three options for taking the census: 1) three years of famine; 2) three months of fleeing; 3) or three days of plague. Each` of these is chosen to humble David. Of the three, David chooses the plague that comes directly from God. Lesson learned: sacrifices are costly. Otherwise it is not a sacrifice. What do you have that you can offer to God? What do you have that would be costly to offer? Such a great lesson on Easter Sunday!!! Jesus paid it all!!!! For us! And in response we are able, willing and compelled to give any cost for the Lord!


HE AROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow: 1 King 1-2

Saturday, April 11, 2009

2 Samuel 19-21

Day 101

Well...the day isn't over yet!! I finally made it here........about 13 hours later than usual! We are at my folks house so I'm a little out of routine and short on time!

Chapter 19 David mourns the death of Absalom. David returns to Jerusalem. Mephibosheth was betrayed by his own servant. King David gives him a new servant. King David rewards Barzillai who provided food and bedding to Kind David and his people when they were fleeing Absalom. Now David wants to reward the old man but he asks that Kimham, possibly one of his sons, be rewarded instead. So King David does so. Lesson learned here: we can pray that God, our King, will honor our faithfulness to him by doing for our family members "whatever pleases" him (v. 37).

Chapter 20 Sheba rebels against David. He was just flat out a troublemaker and tried to turn people against King David.So the clever woman at the wall is responsible for the head of Sheba being handed over to Joab!

Chapter 21 The Gibeonites are avenged after crazy ol' Saul. In order for them to feel avenged and for things to be just and made right, they asked for 7 sons of Saul to be put to death. Because of the previous pledge, Mephibosheth was spared! But for the 7 who were executed, it happened in the spring (harvest time) but the poor mother devoted herself to watching over the bodies for about 6 months...for it says she stayed from the beginning of harvest and until the rain poured .....the rainy season wasn't until October. She was heart broken but had such great maternal love and tenderness for her children! After the bones were ALL finally buried, God answered prayer in the land again.

Tomorrow....last 3 chapters of 2 Samuel

Friday, April 10, 2009

2 Samuel 16-18

Day 100

I was surprised when I woke up this morning and looked at my hands in the daylight!! We dyed Easter eggs last night with JJ and Kyra over at Nana's house.  My fingers are blue and green!! Fingernail polish remover doesn't even get it off!  Won't quite match my Easter dress! Oh well....

Chapter 16   Absalom starts sleep with David's concubine women.Absalom is trying to take over David's harem and is trying to convince them to be his followers.  Once he does this there is no chance, no hope of ever having reconciliation.  No king could ever forgive such a public insult! And....if you remember  this happened just as Nathan predicted that it would!  So trying to take over the concubine/harem indicates that Absalom is now king of Israel AND this says that he has no way of making nice with his father....this is irreversible.

Chapter 17 So there are two advisers.....Absalom seeks the advice of Ahithophel and Hushai.  Ahithophel is helping Absalom, the prince, take over his father's throne.  Hushai, on the other hand, is a spy for David.  Hushai of course has David's best interest at heart.  So Hushai baits the prince by flattering his pride and ambition!   This plan of Hushai gives David enough time to escape....even enjoys a warm meal!  Ahithophel has the foresight to realize the probable consequences and commits suicide (v. 23).

Chapter 18  Absalom gets stuck in a tree when his head catches some air on the branches and he is left hanging from the tree while his donkey goes on!  Joab has orders to spare the son of king David but he is shrewd enough to see that only the death of the pretender -- or the king -- is going to settle the issue at hand!  David didn't forgive Joab for Absalom's death.  I hate to say it, but I love the irony that Absalom's beautiful hair is what tangled him in the tree.....leaving him hanging.  Remember....he was supposedly a beautiful man.  :)  Irony!!!  And even more victory, David as king has achieved victory (he is still king) but he has a great personal loss of his son.  

Lesson's learned:  God is to be the only one to give HIM as your counsel.

Tomorrow:   chapters 19-21

Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 Samuel 13-15

Day 99

I love it that day 100 falls tomorrow on Good Friday.  Check out the poem in a different post about Good Friday to Easter!  

Chapter 13  So crazy Amnon thinks he's in love with his half sister but really....just lust runs through his veins and so he gets a crazy hair-brained idea of how to get Tamar to his room.    IF a man meets a virgin woman he must marry her, by law. So Tamar begs him to marry her so she won't be humiliated.  But he sends her away...not only victimizing her by rape, but by forcing her to spend the rest of her life unmarried.  

Chapter 14  King David was missing Absalom who had fled after killing Amnon, the king's son.  And so Joab makes up a fake lawsuit with the widow woman. And we learn about Absalom and how beautiful he is.....going to be great way to scheme and try and take over the throne from his own father!  

Chapter 15  So here's Absalom's scheme:  he flatters people by giving them verdicts in their favor.  (He pretends to be a judge.) He makes the people unhappy by speaking out against the king and playing up the fact that there aren't any real judges to hear the people's complaints.  He suggests that this can all be fixed by him becoming king or "judge" (v. 4).  Finally, he starts kissing the people and tries to separate himself as a commoner and more like royalty.  So he carries out the plan like a professional.  It is trickery at its best....or even......politics! :)  ha!  And David doesn't even take Absalom and his big ideas seriously.  This takes Absalom 4 years to lay out this plan and then David is  caught off guard.  So in oorder to save the city he takes off and weeps as he travels to the Mount of Olives.  He even is barefooted to show his grief.  But he creates a spy ring and sends out Hushai to spy on Absalom.  David remains hopeful and takes action through prayer!   He places his kingship in the hands of the King!  Amen!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Friday to Easter

Good Friday and Easter

This is from Bro. Russell Duck, our pastor at First Baptist Church.  Really even, he quotes Barbara Brown Taylor.

"Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief, because I still do not want to die. 

I believe Jesus has power to raise the dead, only I do not want him practicing on me.

I want a God who will cut my losses and cushion my failures, a God who will grant me a life free from pain. 

I want a God who will rescue me from death, who will delete it from the human experience and find another way to operate.

What I, what all of us, have instead is a God who resurrects us from the dead putting an end to it by working through it instead of around it;
creating life in the midst of grief, 
creating love in the midst of loss, 
creating faith in the midst of despair,
resurrecting us from our big and little deaths, 
showing us by His own example that the only road to Easter morning runs smack through Good Friday."  

It's pretty simple:
No glory.
No crown.
No Good Easter.  

2 Samuel 8-12

Day 98

Oh my....warmer days make it hard to get here! We were outside so early today!! Now we've all had naps and are getting ready to head back out!  Spring might show up before summer!

Chapter 8  So...David has victories.  Are we surprised?  No.  David fights.  David wins.  David reigns over all of Israel.  And he did was what just and right!  There's the surprise!  Most of them don't.

Chapter 9  This was sweet! David seeks out Jonathan's crippled son, Mephibosheth.  Surely he was scared at first....being summoned by the king and all.  But the king's motives were good and were "for Jonathan's sake."  David restores the family estate (v. 7) and treats the boy like his own son (v. 11).  

Chapter 10  Now...I never thought about cutting off someones robe halfway up so as to expose their booty!  THAT was funny! I must say.  Hanun seizes the moment to humiliate the men by doing  this AND cuts half their off....probably the right or left half!!!  Not just the length! And hair is a sing of their personal dignity and freedom.  So they are embarrassed and humiliated. 

Chapter 11  Oh David and Bathsheba!    Is that why her name is "BATH"sheba?  That is what she was doing when David saw how beautiful she was  and sent for her!  She didn't resist and wasn't being inappropriate in her bathing....she was in her own house. The events the follow this -- the adultery and murder--are the watershed in David's life.  From this point on he reaps the bitter harvest of his sin.  Although all seemed to be going according to plan, "the Lord was not pleased with what David had done!"  A sin is like a spark of spreads and it engulfs others!  And its not just a sin against another human being.....above all, its a sin against God!  And sadly, David discovers the progression of the sin tooooo late!  The more he tries to cover it up, the more he sins.  

Chapter 12  Uriah is dead. The wedding is over.  The child born.  David thinks he has a secret but don't look's comes Nathan the prophet to "out" you!!!  God forgives David but he is punished and so is the son that David pleaded for; he dies.  But Bathsheba is not rejected but out of her grief and comforting comes another life, Solomon and "the Lord loved the boy." (v. 24-25).

Lessons learned:  love God and be humble....humility  goes a long way.  A sin is a sin is a sin.  Don't try and cover it up.  Go before the Lord!  

Tomorrow:   chapters 13-15

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 Samuel 4-7

Day 97

Nothing like your new pastor coming to visit your home......unexpectedly!!!!!  Last week a group of visitors showed up with 5 youth that JJ thought were here to play with him....just at the end of dinner!  

We eat late on Monday nights because we don't get home from JJ's gymnastic class until almost 6:30. (And by gymnastics I mean tumbling and know....he's only 3).  And by the way.....he had one of the best donkey kicks and bear crawls yesterday!!! hahahahaha!   It was funny!! I may make an olympic gymnast out of him yet instead of a bull rider or barrel racer like the rest of them!! :)  

So the pastor showed up just to visit and say that he's glad we've been coming to church, etc.  Of course....JJ's ready for a bath, the furniture is configured so we can keep Hannalee on the carpet and not have to chase her down the kitchen tile, the dog had to be held so he wouldn't bark, there were 4 puzzles (giant sized) on the entry floor that he had to step over to even get in the house, Hannalee was ready for bed and Dusty and I JUST sat down to eat!! :)  AND!!! His last name is Duck...and I wanted to greet him by name so Dusty could hear from the kitchen who was at the door...and all I could manage to hear in my head was "Mr. Duck??" No.   Rev. Duck???  No.   Brother Duck???  No....Finally! I got it!! Bro. Russell!! Good to see you!  come in!!!!! Oh no.  It's a great time to visit (like there is ever a good time to visit.)  But he was so nice and gracious and kind and we were very honored that he stopped by our home.  He prayed with us after about a 20 minute visit and left us a "guest" packet.  We got cookies from the group last week! :)  But we are praying about when is the right time to move our membership and join this church.  But I'll tell you one thing......Dusty was right....put it on the calendar that Monday nights are visitation nights in this church!!!  Good thing I had a bra on!!!  OH MY!!!!  

Chapter 4  Oh I knew David wasn't going to be happy about this!!  Ish-Bosheth is assassinated and the people that did it fail to realize and understand David's attitude of support towards Saul and the royal family!  The two murderers are publicly disgraced.  

Chapter 5   David isn't one to have to take his title of king by force or illegal means.  God has given him his title to the throne....even Saul recognized that!  Although part of Jersualem fell to Judah at the conquest , the fortress itself had never been taken.  Jerusalem was a first-rate choice of a city capital.  It was held by Judah for 400 years until Nebuchadnezzar  comes along.  

Chapter 6  The ark moves from Shiloh to Jerusalem.  This occasion is marked with all the exuberance of Jewish worship.  Even the king dances for joy!  Only Michal stands alone, by herself, outside of it all, aloof and cold to the presence of God! HUm....sounds like some people I know when they worship!! They miss God's presence!!!!

Chapter 7  God's covenant with David...........

tomorrow:   8-12~

Check back later for something I"ll add from our church newsletter about Good Friday and EAster!! 

Monday, April 6, 2009

2 Samuel 1-3

Day 96

some days I think I'll never get this done!  ARGH!!
Chapter 1   David laments the death of Saul yet everyone expected him to be excited about it.  I mean, after all, Saul wanted David dead!  It's not about David and Saul themselves....its about the loss for the nation as a whole....for all of Israel.  He did respect Saul and revered him as a king.  David shows his unselfish love and concern for his people. This is one of the most moving and beautiful poems from David....all about Saul and his dear friend Jonathon.  Do not be confused!!!!  This was not a homosexual all!! Dear friends and nothing more.  David had all the women he could want!!!  He didn't need a guy!! ;)   Plus, homosexuality was forbidden in Israel (Lev. 18:22).   

Chapter 2 far......only Judah accepts David as their king (and maybe Simeon)!  The other ten tribes are keeping allegiance and following the lead of Abner.....Saul's army commander.  And they are giving allegiance to Ishbosheth, Saul's son.  The nation was divided about this for 2 years.  They tried to settle this issue by a single combat but civil war followed.  

Chapter 3   Ishobesheth wasn't as strong as his father and eventually Abner gives over to following David and the nation follows.  Abner is killed and David mourns him too.   

Tomorrow:  2 Samuel 4-7

Sunday, April 5, 2009

1 Samuel 28-31

Day 95

Bet you thought I wasn't going to make it today?!  Me neither...almost forgot! Just crazy church today...... and off again in a bit!

Chapter 28  Saul gets so desperate that he consults a medium....I guess kinda like the one on TV on Monday night's....NO!  We do NOT watch that.  :)  He is not hearing from God and is willing to break a forbidden law of Israel to seek out a fortune teller.....even though he had once drove them out of the land.  He sets out at night, in disguise, on a dangerous journey, close tot he enemy camp!  However, the dead Samuel is no more reassuring to Saul in death than he was in life! ha!!  It was a bust and Saul's fate is doomed.

Chapter 29  The "other" Philistine "lords" are not as gullible as Achish.  So David ends up fighting his fellow countrymen in war.  They are breaking off with the Philistines.

Chapter 30  David's return is well-timed and the slaves information is more than a stroke of luck!  Everything that had just been plundered and taken from them is no recovered!  Everyone shares in the spoils of the raid!  

Chapter 31  this was Saul's last battle.   Fittingly, it is the men of Jabesh who rescue the bodies!  And they have not forgotten what they owe to Saul's FIRST great victory back in chapter 11.   

That was the short version.  Singing at the Easter program with the choir tonight. I just started choir Wednesday!  I'll be alittle lost.  If you ever join a new would be smart to wait to start until AFTER the Easter program!! Oh well.....I can lip sync with the best of them!!! :)   

Saturday, April 4, 2009

1 Samuel 25-27

Day 94

Chapter 24 we go again...another great leader dead and gone.  I didn't cry about Samuel like I did Moses! :)  There is not going to be another great religious leader until we read about Elijah.  There just won't be one equal to him!!  The old prophet had anointed Israel's greatest king, but did not live to see him reign.  Here we have the end of an era.  

So, David requests for Nabal. Which I read means "fool!"  (v. 8)  David is not demanding protection money, but is asking some return on past services (v. 15-16).  After all, the man was rich and it was sheep-shearing....a feast time.  

Then comes along Abigail.  She is clever and beautiful.  Her  quick action saves the lives of her husband and household. (v. 22).  She evidently made a good impression on David. (v. 39).  Nabal's death as a double stroke could be punishment from God.  

Chapter 26  The Ziphites were totally FOR and WITH Saul and gave up information against David.  And for a second time Saul finds himself at David's mercy and is shamed into repentance.  David knew that God didn't need to help to his help to put him on the throne.

Chapter 27   David takes refuge again with the Philistines. Achish is once again completely fooled.  Pretending to raid Israel and her allies (v. 10), David in fact wipes out enemy cities leaving no one alive to tell the tale!!  

Lessons learned:  God values our life more than anyone!  We are to value our lives as well and do great and triumphant things for the Lord, because of the Lord!!  

tomorrow:  finishing 1 Samuel   28-31

Friday, April 3, 2009

1 Samuel 21-24

Day 93

Ahhhhh....the quiet of no wind!   Shew!!  Enjoy today.....its back tomorrow!  Off to the grocery store and if I'm lucky on time today...I"ll scalp the yard!  Been wanting to for 2-3 weeks now.  Gotta get it scalped!   

Chapter 21  Ahimelech pays dearly for David's deception. But David is fed and armed (with Goliath's sword!!!)  and makes his escape to the Philistine city of Gath.  Because he was afraid that they would recognize him for his fame of slaying Goliath, David acts like a crazy mad man.  He does this so well that Achish is even convinced.  

Chapter 22  King Saul is out for revenge!  David and his whole family are outlawed or exiled.  but still Saul is not satisfied.  There seems to be more than a touch of paranoia in his outburst in verses 7-8.  Ignoring the voice of truth and reason (v. 14-15) he orders the first slaughter of God's priests and then the death of all inhabitants of Nob.  When David hears the news, it is with an awful sense of responsibility.

Chapter 23  David gets his men together (all of his outlaws!) and organizes them into a band of an effective military force. But Saul is relentless and keeps pursuing them on the move  The encouragement of a friend in such a situation is comfort indeed.  Johnathan, remarkably, acknowledges David's title for being king!!    And in doing so, he humbly accepts a lesser role for himself (v. 16-18).

Chapter 24  David spares Saul's life.  In the cave, Saul was completely at David's mercy...and never even knew it!!!  David refused to take a short cut to the throne and even brought Saul to his senses.  Saul's mood changed yes, but I wouldn't trust it to be consistent!!  :)  

tomorrow:  25-27

Jesus paid it all......

Thursday, April 2, 2009

1 Samuel 18-20

Day 92

My big heavy patio chairs have blown over in this crazy 50 mph wind this morning....TWICE!  My little schnauzer about blew away going potty!  It's 40 degrees, but so windy that the wind chill is 26!! THAT is cold and windy!!  For April especially.  

Chapter 18  Ever met someone who you just became fast friends with?  And its a lasting friendship?  That is how it is with Jonathan and David.  And a good thing....Jonathan eventually saves his life!  They develop a lasting friendship in spite of Jonathan being Saul's son and Saul wants to kill David out of jealousy.  Can you believe verse 10??  I thought that was interesting..."an evil spirit came from God."  FROM GOD!! An evil spirit...what is THAT all about? ! I don't know whether God actually sent the evil spirit or that Saul was so far and separated from God that there was a void in his own life and that there was room for evil to enter!  This evil spirit has found a place in Saul because he hasn't been filled with the Spirit of God.

David is so poor that Saul offers him a bride but at a terrible price......100 foreskins of the Philistines.  Saul hoped that David would die in the process of trying to acquire them.  Ewwww.  He doesn't only get the 100 he comes back with 200!!!   Saul's plan fails!  

Lesson: If we don't fill ourselves with the Spirit then some other spirit will fill our lives.  You get to choose!

Chapter 19-20      Jonathan is successful at getting Saul to resist killing first. And David escaped and took off to Naioth and Saul tried to go after him.  Eventually, Saul has a black and depressing mood and Michal's deception saves David's life.  For a time he joins Samuel and his school of prophets at Ramah.  Jonathan tries to secure David's safe return, but the friends are forced to part for good.  David has been anointed and has a throne waiting for him.  He can't get discouraged yet! There is hope in the future with  God!!

tomorrow: 21-24

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 Samuel 15-17

Day 91

Well....I've decided I just can't keep doing this blog anymore.  It's taking up too much time and I just don't think I can keep up with it like I thought I could.   So today will probably be my last entry and last time to blog.  I hope you'll still keep reading the Bible though...but this blog will not be here any longer.   Good luck!  God bless! :)   

APRIL FOOL'S!!!!! :)  Just kidding about not doing the blog anymore!  I"ll be back here tomorrow!!  ............!

Chapter 15   God had made it very clear what Saul was to do!   There was no doubt about it.  The Lord told Saul to completely destroy the Amalekites for what they did to Israel. So Saul and his army attacked the Amalekites and took their king alive and kept him.  BUT...what?!  What's that you said Lord?  Oh....destroy them completely....oh!!! I didn't hear that part.  Saul even kept the best of the plundered animals for himself.  Noooooo.....destroy them completely! Mercy!  God was very clear about what He wanted from Saul.  So clear in fact by not obeying the Lord, Saul has now been rejected by the Lord!  Never a good thing.  God knew what He expected from Saul....Saul took matters into his own hands. He thought God wanted a sacrifice more than his Saul....God only wants our obedience.  That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less.  Obedience.  Period.  How often would we rather offer sacrifice than just give our obedience?  God GRIEVED that Saul didn't obey.....He grieved that He ever made Saul Lord.  Saul ignored God and went his own way.   

Chapter 16   Samuel the prophet, who warned against wanting a king to begin with, now is called to anoint David as king.  He looked at his heart and knew that it was right.  He might not have been the smartest or most handsome or the tallest of the family, but it was all about his heart.  It was in the right place.  Being anointed by the Lord gives one spiritual power long before coming a national figure. The Lord has left Saul and evil is upon him so David, a musician himself, is sent to soothe Saul.  Interesting that Saul has brought the future king into his own court.  Irony! I love it!!!   So far, David has a passive role in simply and only playing for the king.....but oh wait for it!! Here comes chapter 17!

Chapter 17  David and Goliath!  Goliath is a giant......over 9 feet tall, I"m sure he towered over David.  Goliath is fully armed with all of his protective armour.  Even Saul, who had fought victoriously over the Philistines, wasn't willing to take Goliath up on his challenge.  But David...his heart is in the right place.  David had come to a greater understanding of his own faith while tending to his sheep out in the hills....his courage has increased greatly too.  He has deadly accuracy with his ol' slingshot!!!  The giant doesn't stand a chance...not so much against the sling shot, but really against the power of GOD!!!  God provides and protects for those who have courage to trust and obey!   

Lesson's learned:  "Trust and obey, for there's no other way to  be happy in Jesus, but to trust obey!"    Why obey?  Why trust?  Because God protects and provides!  

Tomorrow:  1 Samuel 18-20