Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 Samuel 15-17

Day 91

Well....I've decided I just can't keep doing this blog anymore.  It's taking up too much time and I just don't think I can keep up with it like I thought I could.   So today will probably be my last entry and last time to blog.  I hope you'll still keep reading the Bible though...but this blog will not be here any longer.   Good luck!  God bless! :)   

APRIL FOOL'S!!!!! :)  Just kidding about not doing the blog anymore!  I"ll be back here tomorrow!!  ............!

Chapter 15   God had made it very clear what Saul was to do!   There was no doubt about it.  The Lord told Saul to completely destroy the Amalekites for what they did to Israel. So Saul and his army attacked the Amalekites and took their king alive and kept him.  BUT...what?!  What's that you said Lord?  Oh....destroy them completely....oh!!! I didn't hear that part.  Saul even kept the best of the plundered animals for himself.  Noooooo.....destroy them completely! Mercy!  God was very clear about what He wanted from Saul.  So clear in fact by not obeying the Lord, Saul has now been rejected by the Lord!  Never a good thing.  God knew what He expected from Saul....Saul took matters into his own hands. He thought God wanted a sacrifice more than his Saul....God only wants our obedience.  That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less.  Obedience.  Period.  How often would we rather offer sacrifice than just give our obedience?  God GRIEVED that Saul didn't obey.....He grieved that He ever made Saul Lord.  Saul ignored God and went his own way.   

Chapter 16   Samuel the prophet, who warned against wanting a king to begin with, now is called to anoint David as king.  He looked at his heart and knew that it was right.  He might not have been the smartest or most handsome or the tallest of the family, but it was all about his heart.  It was in the right place.  Being anointed by the Lord gives one spiritual power long before coming a national figure. The Lord has left Saul and evil is upon him so David, a musician himself, is sent to soothe Saul.  Interesting that Saul has brought the future king into his own court.  Irony! I love it!!!   So far, David has a passive role in simply and only playing for the king.....but oh wait for it!! Here comes chapter 17!

Chapter 17  David and Goliath!  Goliath is a giant......over 9 feet tall, I"m sure he towered over David.  Goliath is fully armed with all of his protective armour.  Even Saul, who had fought victoriously over the Philistines, wasn't willing to take Goliath up on his challenge.  But David...his heart is in the right place.  David had come to a greater understanding of his own faith while tending to his sheep out in the hills....his courage has increased greatly too.  He has deadly accuracy with his ol' slingshot!!!  The giant doesn't stand a chance...not so much against the sling shot, but really against the power of GOD!!!  God provides and protects for those who have courage to trust and obey!   

Lesson's learned:  "Trust and obey, for there's no other way to  be happy in Jesus, but to trust obey!"    Why obey?  Why trust?  Because God protects and provides!  

Tomorrow:  1 Samuel 18-20

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  1. April Fools I guess. I'm not sure it was funny. Yes, it was. Ha ha