Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 Samuel 4-7

Day 97

Nothing like your new pastor coming to visit your home......unexpectedly!!!!!  Last week a group of visitors showed up with 5 youth that JJ thought were here to play with him....just at the end of dinner!  

We eat late on Monday nights because we don't get home from JJ's gymnastic class until almost 6:30. (And by gymnastics I mean tumbling and balancing...you know....he's only 3).  And by the way.....he had one of the best donkey kicks and bear crawls yesterday!!! hahahahaha!   It was funny!! I may make an olympic gymnast out of him yet instead of a bull rider or barrel racer like the rest of them!! :)  

So the pastor showed up just to visit and say that he's glad we've been coming to church, etc.  Of course....JJ's ready for a bath, the furniture is configured so we can keep Hannalee on the carpet and not have to chase her down the kitchen tile, the dog had to be held so he wouldn't bark, there were 4 puzzles (giant sized) on the entry floor that he had to step over to even get in the house, Hannalee was ready for bed and Dusty and I JUST sat down to eat!! :)  AND!!! His last name is Duck...and I wanted to greet him by name so Dusty could hear from the kitchen who was at the door...and all I could manage to hear in my head was "Mr. Duck??" No.   Rev. Duck???  No.   Brother Duck???  No....Finally! I got it!! Bro. Russell!! Good to see you!  come in!!!!! Oh no.  It's a great time to visit (like there is ever a good time to visit.)  But he was so nice and gracious and kind and we were very honored that he stopped by our home.  He prayed with us after about a 20 minute visit and left us a "guest" packet.  We got cookies from the group last week! :)  But we are praying about when is the right time to move our membership and join this church.  But I'll tell you one thing......Dusty was right....put it on the calendar that Monday nights are visitation nights in this church!!!  Good thing I had a bra on!!!  OH MY!!!!  

Chapter 4  Oh I knew David wasn't going to be happy about this!!  Ish-Bosheth is assassinated and the people that did it fail to realize and understand David's attitude of support towards Saul and the royal family!  The two murderers are publicly disgraced.  

Chapter 5   David isn't one to have to take his title of king by force or illegal means.  God has given him his title to the throne....even Saul recognized that!  Although part of Jersualem fell to Judah at the conquest , the fortress itself had never been taken.  Jerusalem was a first-rate choice of a city capital.  It was held by Judah for 400 years until Nebuchadnezzar  comes along.  

Chapter 6  The ark moves from Shiloh to Jerusalem.  This occasion is marked with all the exuberance of Jewish worship.  Even the king dances for joy!  Only Michal stands alone, by herself, outside of it all, aloof and cold to the presence of God! HUm....sounds like some people I know when they worship!! They miss God's presence!!!!

Chapter 7  God's covenant with David...........

tomorrow:   8-12~

Check back later for something I"ll add from our church newsletter about Good Friday and EAster!! 

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