Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 Kings 18-19

Day 118

I've been reading on Beth Moore's blog...about Compassion International and sponsoring children.  My  folks are sponsoring several children through this program.  I've been looking at their website today.  I mean, $32  a month.....we eat out once and spend that.   Just a plug. :)  I also know of a program in Guatemala that pays for kids to go to school with sponsorships.   It's in a village that I've been too and love!!! I'll take my little family there someday.  :)   It's at San Lucas Toliman   http://www.sanlucasmission.org  BEST COFFEE THE WORLD!! Hand picked!  Literally!  I've hand picked it out ....bean by bean....its the best!!! sniff, sniff....   ahhhhh! :) 

Chapter 18  OH!!  the dog has to get to the vet!! He's getting neutered!!!!   Be back later!!!! 

Okay....so we took the dog to the vet.   
JJ said, "is he -ick?  (He can't say his "s" sound all the time.)  
I said no, he's not sick......he just has to get fixed.  
 JJ:  "what's wrong with him?"   
Me: Well....he just, he well...he's getting his balls cut off!"   ( couldn't believe  I said it but JJ didn't really know.)   
So we get to the vet, JJ is telling the receptionist, "yep....he's gotta get his eyeballs fixed!!!"  
 I nearly peed my pants!! EYEBALLS!!!!   Can't wait to see what JJ does when Choco gets home.  I"m sure that will be tomorrrow's post.......

Okay...to the Bible....chapter 18    FINALLY!!! A good king that takes down the high places and breaks the stones!!!  for pete's sake.....He is known as a reformer for finally taking down the local sanctuaries/and the cultic symbols.  Hezekiah was faithful to the deuteronomic law and was a firm believer in monotheism (one God!).  Hezekiah trusted God like no other king before had ever done. Hezekiah held fast to the Lord and didn't depart from the law of Moses.  Samaria has fallen and now that northern kingdom is at the hands of the Assyrians.  It appears the Hezekiah had rebelled against the king of Assyria but was able to survive foreign invasion because he had been obedient and faithful.  HELLOOOOO?Have we heard this before?   Samaria fell  and was destroyed because the people of Israel were disobedient.  This story implies that Hezekiah trust had put Judah on the side of the Lord.  The Assyrians are trying to intimidate Hezekiah and the people...they are pointing fingers and yelling to the people in the public square that they shouldn't listen to Hezekiah because he can't give them security.  That he won't lead them in the right way......they are questioning on what Hezekiah is basing his confidence.  We know the answer....the Lord!  The Lord is our confidence!

Chapter 19   Crisis seems to bring out the best in Hezekiah....God answers his prayers and vindicates (clears the blame) him and his trust.  Isaiah's prophecy is fulfilled and Jerusalem is saved.!

tomorrow:  an update on Choco's "eyeballs" and chapters 20-22

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