Sunday, April 5, 2009

1 Samuel 28-31

Day 95

Bet you thought I wasn't going to make it today?!  Me neither...almost forgot! Just crazy church today...... and off again in a bit!

Chapter 28  Saul gets so desperate that he consults a medium....I guess kinda like the one on TV on Monday night's....NO!  We do NOT watch that.  :)  He is not hearing from God and is willing to break a forbidden law of Israel to seek out a fortune teller.....even though he had once drove them out of the land.  He sets out at night, in disguise, on a dangerous journey, close tot he enemy camp!  However, the dead Samuel is no more reassuring to Saul in death than he was in life! ha!!  It was a bust and Saul's fate is doomed.

Chapter 29  The "other" Philistine "lords" are not as gullible as Achish.  So David ends up fighting his fellow countrymen in war.  They are breaking off with the Philistines.

Chapter 30  David's return is well-timed and the slaves information is more than a stroke of luck!  Everything that had just been plundered and taken from them is no recovered!  Everyone shares in the spoils of the raid!  

Chapter 31  this was Saul's last battle.   Fittingly, it is the men of Jabesh who rescue the bodies!  And they have not forgotten what they owe to Saul's FIRST great victory back in chapter 11.   

That was the short version.  Singing at the Easter program with the choir tonight. I just started choir Wednesday!  I'll be alittle lost.  If you ever join a new would be smart to wait to start until AFTER the Easter program!! Oh well.....I can lip sync with the best of them!!! :)   


  1. My new study Bible has Life Application Topics. This one is True Greatness. It says "True greatness is often hard to assess. Bible-believing people, however, have a measuring stick in God. Because God is the author and the epitome of greatness, everyone and everything else must measure up to the Lord. Although we all fall short of God's majesty and glory there is a way to live in greatness. King David was considered great because he communicated with and trusted in the Lord and God's attributes rubbed off on him. Simply put, true greatness comes from walking with the Great One.

  2. Ohhhhh! I like that!!! So glad you shared!! Thanks mom!!!