Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kyra, Kelsey and Sydney

Three sweet cousins...
we call them "the big kids" opposed to
Hannalee, JJ, Kaden, and Kennedy! :)
Love them!
Sweet girls with big smiles and kind hearts!
I always believe in you! 

Christmas in the Park

JJ told Santa he wanted "a flat bed semi with a wash out sluice box"

Kennedy wanted a guinea pig

Hannalee (who wouldn't talk to Santa at all last year) wanted a
purple puppy with a pink its mouth!

We even got to ride the carousel!
We love Christmas in the Park in Elk City!
It's amazing!!!

Cousins at the Park

It was a late fall, warm day!  This is too cute not too post!
Love them all!  I hope you're always good friend and always watch out and take care of each other!

Silly Hannalee Pics

This girl is so silly and goofy and funny....I love your laugh Hannalee! There isn't another one like it!
God created you to be special, sweet, and smart!

Round 3 Mutton Bustin' with JJ

Well......there are 2 more weeks left of this "out west junior bull riding" series....we may not make it!  JJ so far should get the "tough luck" award.  First week....sheep shot out like a bat out of hell.  Second week, the sheep shot out and headed for the fence and JJ crashed into the fence.  Tonight, we liked the sheep number, 79, and he was second up.  We were ready. 

Open the gate and let him roll....roll to the ground! The sheep fell to the ground 3 steps out of the gate!  And fell on JJ!  He's fine, but it shook him up and hurt his leg a bit.  It was such a bad ride that they told him he could do a "re-ride." He told the judge he didn't his re-ride. Afterwards, talking to Papa Jerry, he said the sheep was trying to go down in the shoot before they opened the gate!  We were doomed before we started. 

 I was a little disapppointed that he didn't want to do it, but it was fine.   So.....there are two weeks left, not sure what he'll think about next week!  I just want him to finish. More than that, I really want him to get one good ride and enjoy it!  We of course are proud of him every time that he just tries!

He might get the "hard luck" award.....but he would also get "best lookin' cowboy" award too! 
Love you, JJ! 

This is another Mutton Buster.....Casey. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Random Pics to Remember

JJ was the in the first class of Kindergarten at WOCS in Elk City.

This is his Kindergarten gradation day! 
It was cute! 
Annslee Young, JJ and Camden Jayt

Way to go, JJ!

Our new gate at the Ranch in Colorado!
I think I nearly cried when I saw it!!! WOW!

Cloud Cousins at the creek on the ranch!

North Clear Creek Falls

Driving through the creek on road up to Bristol Head

Rio Grande Pyramind in the distance...the headwaters of the 
Rio Grande river and leads all the way to Mexico!
The ranch is on the right!  Very cool! My favorite place!!


Fishing on the ranch

Papa Jerry was just about mad at his pole!

Good job, JJ!! You are a good fisherman! I taught you everything you know about fishing!

Did you eat a s'more or what??!

WOW! Kyra!! That's huge!!1

Went rafting down the Rio Grande with Mountain Man

Playing in the creek off the riffle!

Our cabin is at the top of this riffel....behind the tallest tree you see.

Always good to see Aunt Fernie on the way home from Colorado!
Great to stay with my cousins!!! LOVE them all!!!

JJ was enthralled with the hay swather!

I went so fast on this I giggled out loud!!! What a  blast!

Stayed the night with Sandy and Harvey Lee.
Hannalee loved doing the dishes!

JJ and his best bud Collin eating ice cream at Braums.

Hannalee and Kennedy along for the ride too!