Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 15, 2012 Muttin' Bustin' with JJ

He's wanted and asked and begged and pleaded and hoped to do this...for over a year at least!  So today they had a "Jr. Bullriding Event" here in Elk City.....we told his papa Jerry and they went!  I even signed the waiver!  Oh My!!  I wasn't nervous until he was about on the sheep...and then they loaded him in the heart was racing, my hands were shaking and I was about to cry!  But i had to take pictures......

The first kid out had a SLOOOOOOOOOW WALKING was the one JJ "should have" had!  JJ's sheep....BOLTED out of the shoot! So fast that I have a picture of the gate....and then a boot!

Here you go....they were supposed to stay on for 6 seconds....and hold on with one hand.  He stayed on for    4....maybe 5.  No score.  Too bad!  He had fun...but we weren't prepared.  We had a vest and helmet.   That's it.  Needed a rope.  A right hand glove (could only find the left one).  Tape for your hand to stay in the rope and resin.   We borrowed a lot of stuff.  We learned a lot.  Folks were real nice.

There you go.  We let him do it....I figured I had a 50/50 chance of what our future will be like.  This would either fuel the fire for more or kill the passion. 

He says he had fun and wants to do it again. We didn't tell him yes or no yet.  But we didn't tell him there is another one next weekend.  And 6 more after that!!!!!  The deadline for the age is on 1/1/13...the can't be 7 before 1/1/13....we make ONE DAY!!  If they had asked his age on 1/2/13 we'd already be done!  But we can ride sheep all year!  OH MY!!!

And my sweet the car  on the way home he said,
"I prayed.     You did?    When?   
On the sheep in the shoot!
What did you pray?
That God would just help me!"

I think he did, JJ.  I think He did!

Your daddy thought you might not really do it at all.
I figured you'd do it at least once. 

Watch out Cody Custer!  We might need some riding lessons some day!!!!

We're proud of you JJ.  We're glad you did and just had fun!

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  1. Oh my goodness. We are laughing and crying! Very cute. You dd good J.J., but I hope you don't do it anymore! We will all be praying!