Friday, December 28, 2012

Random Pics to Remember

JJ was the in the first class of Kindergarten at WOCS in Elk City.

This is his Kindergarten gradation day! 
It was cute! 
Annslee Young, JJ and Camden Jayt

Way to go, JJ!

Our new gate at the Ranch in Colorado!
I think I nearly cried when I saw it!!! WOW!

Cloud Cousins at the creek on the ranch!

North Clear Creek Falls

Driving through the creek on road up to Bristol Head

Rio Grande Pyramind in the distance...the headwaters of the 
Rio Grande river and leads all the way to Mexico!
The ranch is on the right!  Very cool! My favorite place!!


Fishing on the ranch

Papa Jerry was just about mad at his pole!

Good job, JJ!! You are a good fisherman! I taught you everything you know about fishing!

Did you eat a s'more or what??!

WOW! Kyra!! That's huge!!1

Went rafting down the Rio Grande with Mountain Man

Playing in the creek off the riffle!

Our cabin is at the top of this riffel....behind the tallest tree you see.

Always good to see Aunt Fernie on the way home from Colorado!
Great to stay with my cousins!!! LOVE them all!!!

JJ was enthralled with the hay swather!

I went so fast on this I giggled out loud!!! What a  blast!

Stayed the night with Sandy and Harvey Lee.
Hannalee loved doing the dishes!

JJ and his best bud Collin eating ice cream at Braums.

Hannalee and Kennedy along for the ride too!

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