Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chickens and Butterflies, Oh My!

You know its Spring around our house when there are baby chicks hatching out
of the incubator; when we've had 5 c caterpillars spinning cocoons in the kitchen;
and now we are releasing the butterflies!

(There are still chicks in the garage. Most have moved to a barn!)

Early Swim Day

JJ got a double slip and slide with his AWANA Bible Bucks.  He asked and asked when he could play on it.  I thought I was being so smart when I said it had to be at least over 80 degrees before he could play in it. was 89.  In April.  I had to let him.  So I did!  Of course.

Dusty's 43rd Birthday

Happy Birthday, Honey!  We love you!!!!

Coy and Dusty always have the same birthday!
What a sweet kid! We love you, Coy!