Saturday, April 21, 2012

JJ's Awana Bible Bucks

JJ!! WOW!!
You did great! 
You worked hard on your school verses AND
your church verses for Sparks!

You even finished your book and 
rarely missed a week!
You did awesome!
You earned 303 Bible Bucks to 
"shop" at the "store" at church!

You were the ONLY Kindergartner that had close to that many points and you had more points than a lot of 1st graders and 2nd graders!

What will 303 Bible Bucks buy you??
A fishing pole.
A double slip n slide.
A water blaster water gun.
and a Nerf water football!

always treasure the verses
so you can keep God's Word in your heart!

JJ's Easter Garden

This is the Easter Garden that JJ made at school. 
 It has the cross and the tomb...the EMPYT tomb; Hallelujah!

Next year, I'd like to make a stick figure and hang it on the tree on Good Friday, on Saturday put it in the tomb (the far right) and then take it out on Sunday morning!  

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! 

I love you two more than anyone in the world!
Daddy and I pray for you to let Jesus live in your heart
all the time!

He Lives!

Kool-Eggs to Dye

We told Hannalee we were going to dye the eggs.
She started crying and crying!
She did NOT want to dye eggs...we couldn't imagine what in the world was wrong with her?!
I told she didn't have to but we still didn't know why she was crying about
dying the eggs for Easter.

But once we got the eggs out of the fridge and got the kool-aid 
packages she thought it looked fun!

They had a great time. Anytime you dye eggs its a mess
but at least with koolaid it smelled better than the
vinegar mess!

After awhile we somehow realized that Hannalee 
thought we were going to do something horrible and bad (die) to the
eggs we had put in the incubator to hatch out!
THAT is why she had cried.  Poor baby...thought we were 
going to kill the eggs that we were trying to turn into chicks!


Egg Hunt

Hannalee. Bennett. Nails. Braums.

All in THAT order....

Hannalee had such a good week at school that she got to invite her friend Bennett to go with her to get nails done.  At Walmart.  Bennett started this "tradition" a couple of months ago.  I wouldn't normally have planned on taking Hannalee to the nail salon....what have we've started now???

So they just get a polish change ($10) and then for $5 extra they get designs on their nails.  
Polka dots it is! 

Then we decided we needed a snack and we order a snack size of 
chicken nuggets. The nice lady at McDonald's oohed & awed over the girls a
about how cute they were. She went on and on.
When our order came out it was two happy meals; NOT just a snack!
And with toys!
I told her I didn't order and pay for happy meals...but the lady 
said SHE did!  She wanted the girls to have them.
They thought it was fabulous!
Bennett even said,
I'm glad you know that Bennett!
You and Hannalee are so fun and sweet!

OH! I thought they could hang out a few more minutes in the car and visit together
while I just went through the drive thru at the bank. 
While sitting there....Bennett looks at the Braums sign of the restaurant 
across the street from us.
"Can we go to Braums' too?"

I laughed...I almost said no...but I thought.... IS a special day! 

Love both of you girls!

As I was driving Bennett home and driving past the snow cone place,
"Can we have snow cones too?!  

I drew the line!  

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wee School Easter Party

Easter party for Yellow Class at Rainbow Lane

Carnival Came to Town

I caved.  I gave in.  We went.
AND I took Kennedy and Kaden!
IT was fun.  Nana and Papa payed for the tickets since 
I was the adult
who  "got" to ride the BIG ride with JJ and Kennedy!
I screamed!  It was fun!  

Hannalee wasn't quite big enough for the BIG ride.
I"m glad.  I couldn't believe that I was on it
I couldn't believe I let JJ  get on it.  With me!

Smith Family Easter Egg Hunt

Hannalee's friend Bennett and her family had a wonderful
Easter Egg Hunt for friends and family!

Wow!  Thanks for inviting us!
It was FUN!

Hannalee and Bennett on the big slide

Elliott...a friend from Rainbow Lane and Wee school

 JJ coming down the slide!

this was the cutest toy!
A car on a ramp.........

How fun!

such sweet girls!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WOCS Grandparents Day Spring Poem

So the grandparents spent the day at JJ's school and then went to watch his program
that night.
they say all books of the New Testament.  JJ got to introduce the song
Then we did a poem (its really a book) in Spanish.
They did a great job!
Thanks grandparents for coming!

Spring Fun

It was a beautiful day.  We went walking at the park
and rode bikes and took the dog!
Then cousins got to play one day too!
Thank you Lord for our families that are friends!

Matchey-Matchey Toes and Flips

These were TOO cute! Had to buy them in matching pairs...for me and Hannalee!  She would wear flip flops and shorts year round
 if we'd let her!