Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 136 Daddy Date @ Dove

Just because......a Saturday afternoon lunch date with Daddy at The Country Dove...well, daddy really wanted Creamy Potato Soup.  Mommy will take just Hannalee back someday and "have tea!"  

Love you oodles, Hannalee! 

Day 135 Very First Book it Award @ Pizza Hut

Well....I wasn't sure it would happen before he graduated....reading that is.  For a boy that really would rather work like a farm/ranch hand, or play with semis and tractors in the dirt, I wasn't sure we'd ever get him to learn how to read! A bit exaggerated I know...but he's SUCH A BOY!!!! :)

In the month of October he earned his very first Book It Award from Pizza Hut.  They are only good for a month so we took him out to eat tonight! What a fun treat and reward!  Way to go JJ!  Way to go WOCS and Mrs. Duggan and that A Beka Curriculum!  Woot!

Day 135 It's a "Wonder-Full" Life

Last night was JJ's Thanksgiving/Christmas program for Western Oklahoma Christian School.  The prek and K kids from all three campuses did Thanksgiving stuff and the kids from the Clinton campus in 1st-6th grades did a Christmas program.

JJ did a great job....he's such a performer...I can't imagine where he gets it from??! :)  He was handsome, spoke out loud and proud and made us and God proud! His school (all 14 of them) spelled out the word T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G and had a poem to go with each word.  JJ had the letter "N"....  "N is for neighbors, across the street and over seas."  Then they sang 2 short songs about Thanksgiving. 

 We love you JJ Reed! And we think your group of friends here at this school are just awesome! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 134 Hannalee at Wee school

Well.....she's not the "ham" the JJ has always been.  She never opened her mouth to sing a word and barely (not really at all) even looked up to see me there.  But she looked cute!

Day 133 Hannalee Dancing with Daddy

It was Saturday morning and we had been cleaning house.  Dusty turned on some music and picked up her and started dancing!  Too precious!!

Thanks for being a good daddy to our sweet girl!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 132 First Lost TEETH!

Well....they had been "wiggly" for over 6 weeks! Yes...6 weeks!
He never touched them to loosen them up.  He would hardly let us even LOOK
at the loose tooth.  Then next thing you know the NEW tooth is already coming in
and the baby tooth is still there...barely loose after 6 weeks.  
He was scared really.  But we had to go to the dentist because the other teeth
were coming in.  
Lesson learned...after $483...I"ll pull them myself next time!  ARGH!!
That was ridiculous that I even paid that much.  I could
hardly write the check. 
Time for a new dentist you think??!!

But the tooth fairy came...only after he asked if "she" was real or it was really just a mom or dad.
Without my heart breaking I said what any mother would,
"What do you think?"  
He thought she was real.  I left it at that.

So we put the tooth under the pillow and the next day was so excited,
$6 and a "MOM! She's real! The tooth fairy is real!"

It was sweet.  The money is in his piggy bank....saving for (another!) semi I'm sure.

We love you JJ.  
Thanks for being such a sweet boy and so grown up!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 131 Meme and Papa's house

We went to see my folks...
the night before a cousin fixed Hannalee's hair like this and I let her sleep in it and just re did it the next morning.  
Very cute!
The kids had fun playing with each other.

then before we ever left the house for church,
JJ fell asleep on Papa John.  
It was too precious!

Day 130 Halloween

JJ was an army man.  Our friend Aiden had the costume just for dress up play and JJ wanted to be that very thing. So we just borrowed it and waalaaa...we had a costume.  Hannalee was a cinderella princess at Rainbow Lane (picture to be found later) and then for Wee School and Trick or Treating she was a Candy Corn Princess.  Oh! JJ found a Woody costume to play dress up at school. But they don't have Halloween was just to play in.  funny!

I was a blue crayon costume that we wear at Rainbow Lane and Dusty wore a yellow shirt to be a Post It note.  I tried to  talk him into being a crayon with me.  Then JJ very cleverly said, "dad, you should just be a piece of paper!"  haahaha!  Very clever JJ!!

Day 129 Just Playing with cousins

Mommie did Miss Elk City pageant stuff all weekend and you kids
stayed home with daddy.  Kennedy and Kaden got to come over and play
for a very long time today.  
Then tonight, you got to go to their house and stay for a very long time while
daddy and cousin Kelsey came to watch the pageant.

You are all such good friends and love each other very much!