Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 130 Halloween

JJ was an army man.  Our friend Aiden had the costume just for dress up play and JJ wanted to be that very thing. So we just borrowed it and waalaaa...we had a costume.  Hannalee was a cinderella princess at Rainbow Lane (picture to be found later) and then for Wee School and Trick or Treating she was a Candy Corn Princess.  Oh! JJ found a Woody costume to play dress up at school. But they don't have Halloween was just to play in.  funny!

I was a blue crayon costume that we wear at Rainbow Lane and Dusty wore a yellow shirt to be a Post It note.  I tried to  talk him into being a crayon with me.  Then JJ very cleverly said, "dad, you should just be a piece of paper!"  haahaha!  Very clever JJ!!

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