Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 132 First Lost TEETH!

Well....they had been "wiggly" for over 6 weeks! Yes...6 weeks!
He never touched them to loosen them up.  He would hardly let us even LOOK
at the loose tooth.  Then next thing you know the NEW tooth is already coming in
and the baby tooth is still there...barely loose after 6 weeks.  
He was scared really.  But we had to go to the dentist because the other teeth
were coming in.  
Lesson learned...after $483...I"ll pull them myself next time!  ARGH!!
That was ridiculous that I even paid that much.  I could
hardly write the check. 
Time for a new dentist you think??!!

But the tooth fairy came...only after he asked if "she" was real or it was really just a mom or dad.
Without my heart breaking I said what any mother would,
"What do you think?"  
He thought she was real.  I left it at that.

So we put the tooth under the pillow and the next day was so excited,
$6 and a "MOM! She's real! The tooth fairy is real!"

It was sweet.  The money is in his piggy bank....saving for (another!) semi I'm sure.

We love you JJ.  
Thanks for being such a sweet boy and so grown up!

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  1. Wow JJ. We're so glad that tooth is finally out! PaPa really wanted to get his pliers out though. And...the tooth fairy came...yea!!! I hope Skylar looks at this because she tried to help you get that tooth out too after she pulled hers while you all were watching TV.