Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 69 Baby Colt

well....STILL NO CAMERA....where in the world?!!!!  But these are from my phone today.  Good enough.  The colt is a boy....out of the momma called "Precious Bugs Alive."  So I'm  calling him "Man Alive!"  sounds like a barrel racing horse for Hannalee if I don't say so myself!!

Day 68 Just because

This is just too sweet....and before the hair cut!!  Just got this off of Kimmie's phone yesterday....

Jeremiah 31:13 "young women will dance and be happy..."  :)  
I love you Hannalee Elizabeth Cloud!

Day 67 Soccer Pics Found

But the actual camera is STILL MISSING!!!! One minute here...the next GONE!!  With baby colt pics!! OH me.....

This is JJ's first spring soccer game........we PRAY it is never that cold and windy at soccer. EVER. AGAIN.  We were FROZEN...but JJ was a good sport and just kept on playing!!  Luckily we had blankets and he played every other quarter.  He did good.  Praying for warmer weather this weekend!

Such verses to choose from--from The Message translation--loosely translated! 

Job 20:24 
 "As they run for their lives from one disaster, they run smack into each other."
Proverbs 3:7 
"Don't assume that you know it all.  Run to God! Run from evil!"  

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 66 Hay, CANNONBALL & Soccer

Yesterday and today combined into one.....JJ got picked up by his Papa Jerry from Rainbow Lane preschool and they headed for the cow sale.  They go...very frequently...and never buy a cow that isn't in the form of a hamburger!!  That's about the only reason they really go! :)  After that they had to unload ALOT of hay into Papa's barn...of course JJ had to help. 

Hannalee was happy (well...not really) petting the horse...we are STILL waiting on the colt!! 
MAYBE tonight!!!  We'll see.

Then....the other day all I could hear was "CANNONBALL!!!!"  This is what I found--JJ and Hannalee running down the hall and jumping onto the pile of pillows.  too funny!

Hum....can't find soccer pictures....but it was FREEEEEEZING!!! We were all miserable but JJ did good. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 65 Dear Santa

I know it's only March...but my sweet boy really wanted to CALL Santa today....I told him he didn't have a phone.  Then he said we could Skype him....luckily I convinced him to let me write a letter to Santa (aka Meme--my mom).  Sweet JJ.....when he wants something big he knows he usually has to wait until Christmas or birthday...which are only a week at this point in the year....its a LOOOOOONG time til either.  Poor thing!  But he came running in today while looking out the "window" in the fence today (see post about Nosey Neighbors)......and wanted to do this.'s what we wrote. AND the response!! Thanks for playing along mother.  ;)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Santa....Can I have a semi dump truck like the workers next door?  I love watching the dirt come out.  Hannalee wants one too. She loves horses and wants a dump truck with a semi and she wants her semi decorated with horses.  I have been very nice. AND I would like two plows!!!

Thank you very much.
Love, JJ  Reed Cloud

Dear JJ,

I just received your letter, and I see that you still like trucks.  I remember that you also like dirt.  You like to play in the dirt.  My elves are working on gifts for the people in South America right now, but I will put this letter in my file so that we will remember what you and your sister want next year for Christmas.  We are so proud of you for always thinking of your sister Hannalee.  I know that she loves horses, so we'll see if we can find a semi that is decorated with horses.  I don't remember any little boys ever asking for a semi dump truck before.  They are really big, but that does sound like fun.  I'll remember that you also would like to have two plows.  I guess you are a farm boy.

I hope you have fun watching the trucks that are next door to you.

I look forward to coming to your house next Christmas.  I hope that you and Hannalee have a very good summer.

With love,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 64 My Daddy

This is not a pic about me but  My Daddy!!  Wouldn't be who I am today without him!! Love you very much!!!  YSD

More from the spring break pig show.  :)  Just for fun..........

Day 63 King of the Hill

Sat down last night to blog and waa-laa! No pics on my camera! :(  But found them today...on my PHONE!!

You know...where there's dirt there's JJ! :) And where there's JJ there's Hannalee!!!  

This is how we got to the dirt. :)  

I wish you could see the calves on this girl!!  JJ looks like King of the Hill! :)

Deuteronomy 33:19 NIV 

They will summon peoples to the mountain and there offer sacrifices of righteousness; they will feast on the abundance of the seas, on the treasures hidden in the sand."

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 61, 62 ! :)

a little late on getting these are a few days combined!

It was 90 degrees!!! March 17!!! We had to turn on the sprinklers!!!

This is our sweet Raylee...we call her RayRay.  JJ and Raylee are kindred spirits...they both love to get dirty and play on  a farm....and then Raylee can turn around in the blink of an eye and be dressed up like a princess!! We love you RayRay!!!  Thanks for sharing your tire swing with us!!!  And for showing us the mouse you caught!! YUCK!!! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 60 Spring Break

Worn out!! :)  Fun.  Exciting.  Adventurous.  Family.  Home.  Tired.  Laundry.  :)

The Pig Show at the State Fairgrounds....there is a niece/cousin in there somewhere.

Got to swim at Kimmie's hotel AND JJ has waited (apparently his whole life) to sleep
in the horse trailer "like everyone else gets to!"  :) one had swimsuit with....we went to Walmart at 7:00 at night to buy them all! Mercy!! :) 

Then we woke up & headed straight to the zoo.  
2 1/2 hours 
was a just right time for all of us.  
Busy...but CRAZY CRAZY CHAOS as we
left at noon and cars being parked clear out at Remington Park parking lot!!

Cheetah in a tree!! He was our favorite!!

Then to Weatheford to pick up Choco the dog who had been so professionally
groomed by Skylar at her POOCH SALON!  She earned $10 and a $2 tip!!
Papa John was trimming all 100 trees!!!! himself. So we helped out and loaded up the
1967 wheat truck with limbs and twigs to take them down to McCarty Farm over the way. 
He made 3 dumps.  Glad to help him out!!!

Home and tired.  But happy & grateful!!! 
Psalm 20:4 
"May He grant you your heart's desire and fulfill all your counsel"

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 59 Here comes the Colt!

Nana and Papa Jerry have a horse that is getting ready to have a baby colt...any day now. This is JJ and Hannalee helping Papa get the stall ready  for them! Cleaning out the poo, putting down sand to dry it all up and then horse shavings. They had a blast!! Last time JJ and Papa mucked out stalls, they found 2 $20 bills!!!!!! JJ bought two John Deere tshirts from surprise there!! :) Still saving the other $20!

Proverbs 21:31 "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, But victory belongs to the Lord."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 58 Hannalee & Bear the Horse

Don't look now....but I might have a cowgirl on my hands!! OH MY!!! If I do...I"m in trouble!! :)

She LOVES horses...JJ wants to think of himself as a cowboy...but he's really a farmer and a dirt dude.  Could care less about riding a horse.....even when EVERYONE else is on one. I'm grateful that he doesn't give in to peer pressure and doesn't do stuff just to go along with the crowd.

Hannalee hops on a horse anytime anyone will let her!!  Ask if she's ready to get off,..."NO!"  But then this day when she was ready, "WHOA HORSEY!" and hopped off!!

Watch out rodeo world...this might be a barrel racer someday!!!

Job 39:18 NIV

Yet when she spreads her feathers to run, she laughs at horse and rider.

Day 57 Nosey Neighbors

Well.....its official....we are now nosey neighbors!! :)  JJ is so enthralled with the construction going on next door that he's just about to drive me crazy with wanting to watch....I've sat in the garage all winter in a lawn chair watching bulldozers and scrapers and cement trucks and now real construction has begun!!!  So my sweet daddy-Papa John--came over yesterday and cut a hole in our fence to give JJ and Hannalee a "window" to look through so they can watch the construction!!  I promise its small and we will put in back together when the new neighbors move in! Promise!!

Thanks daddy!!  Thanks mother!! You all are the best!!!!

Exodus 20:16 NIV

"You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 56 Barber Shop

It was LOOOONG overdue for JJ to get a haircut.  He LOVES going...always has.  Today Hannalee got brave enough to get close to the chair...she usually just hangs out close to me.  But she walked over there and started climbing up on the chair and JJ just scooted right over and made room for her.  It was a sweet moment.  She sat there at least 10 minutes while Warren finished up and spiked up JJ! :)

It was cute! Thanks JJ for being such a good big brother to your little sister and always making room for her!!

2 Corinthians 7:2 "Make room for us in your hearts..."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 55 Concrete & Feeding Time

wet.  rainy.  cold.  but a cement truck next door will draw "us" outside'd think we paid admission to this show!!! :)  They love it!!!  I drew the line at serving refreshments! :)  It was 9:00am!!

This is Hannalee's doing.....pretty cute and clever!! The pink in the back is teapot that fed all the animals!

Ezekiel 34:15 
"I will feed my flock and I will lead them to rest," declares the Lord God."

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 53 & 54 Teenager & Jump Rope

My sweet niece turned 13 last week!! !13!!!! OH MY!!!!  I was asked to say the blessing at dinner yesterday with all our family.  I prayed for Taylor and her salvation and for her to be a Christian witness, etc...but oh my!! I forgot to say a special prayer for her parents!!!!!!!  Sigh!! :)  So I did last night.  :)
Happy 13th Birthday Taylor!! May you always be as sweet as you are now!! We love you more than anything!!!  The Lord bless you and keep you!!!

Job 1:4 "His sons used to hold feasts in their homes on their birthdays, and they would invite their three sisters to eat and drink with them!"  Thanks for wanting us all to eat and drink with you!  Pop and burgers are always a treat!! And thanks for playing so nicely with my little kids...they love you and look up to you and Skylar so much!! Remember who you are!!! LOVE YOU!! Aunt Shannan picked up the jumprope....we've been trying for a couple of days to jump rope...I"ve done it and tried to get JJ to count to 100! then he's tried it a couple of times and WAA-LAA!!! Today he did it...about 2 times around!!!!  :)  Great pics!! He was proud!!!!  too fun!!!
Just like the book, Jump, Frog, Jump!!!!

And this is where Hannalee crashed after 2 miles in the stroller at the park.....
JJ took this pic too!

JJ took this pic and wanted me to put in on here! I love you, JJ Reed!! :)


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 52 Cleaning with Chubby Bunny & Slim Jim

Saturday day!!  And the kids LOVE to help!! So I'm taking pics of them to remind them of this when they are 10 and 12 and I'm begging and bribing them to help out!!!

 Luke 11:25 "......when it returns, it find the house swept clean and put in order!"

Then this afternoon we were having lessons about.......

Hannalee didn't quite get it! :)  lol
Wrestling matches and wedgies pics of that! :)  

Psalm 34:5   "Those who look to him for help are happy; their faces are not ashamed!"  

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 51 Worn Out

It was a busy two days.....went to state tournament....but only to see our Merritt boys lose. :(  We were disappointed but we got to spend the night with my folks and then play there all day today.  This is what we pics of burying the dead cat JJ and Papa John found in the wood stack.  But the rest was a great day!!! :)

 This GINORMOUS slide was rented and blown up in my brother's barn for my nieces 13th bday party!!  My little kids played on this 2 whole hours before the party!!!!

 Time to feed  the bottle calves! 

Because driving the farm truck and gator just wasn't enough!
They had to get out THE BIG ONE!!!!!!!
(JJ wanted to put the plow on too! Papa said he's drawing the line!!)
He was worn out too!!!  They were asleep in the car 5 minutes down the road and straight to bed...that was three hours ago!  Thank you mother and daddy!! LYL!!! YSD