Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 60 Spring Break

Worn out!! :)  Fun.  Exciting.  Adventurous.  Family.  Home.  Tired.  Laundry.  :)

The Pig Show at the State Fairgrounds....there is a niece/cousin in there somewhere.

Got to swim at Kimmie's hotel AND JJ has waited (apparently his whole life) to sleep
in the horse trailer "like everyone else gets to!"  :) one had swimsuit with....we went to Walmart at 7:00 at night to buy them all! Mercy!! :) 

Then we woke up & headed straight to the zoo.  
2 1/2 hours 
was a just right time for all of us.  
Busy...but CRAZY CRAZY CHAOS as we
left at noon and cars being parked clear out at Remington Park parking lot!!

Cheetah in a tree!! He was our favorite!!

Then to Weatheford to pick up Choco the dog who had been so professionally
groomed by Skylar at her POOCH SALON!  She earned $10 and a $2 tip!!
Papa John was trimming all 100 trees!!!! himself. So we helped out and loaded up the
1967 wheat truck with limbs and twigs to take them down to McCarty Farm over the way. 
He made 3 dumps.  Glad to help him out!!!

Home and tired.  But happy & grateful!!! 
Psalm 20:4 
"May He grant you your heart's desire and fulfill all your counsel"

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  1. PaPa was grateful for sure! Thank you all for helping!