Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 51 Worn Out

It was a busy two days.....went to state tournament....but only to see our Merritt boys lose. :(  We were disappointed but we got to spend the night with my folks and then play there all day today.  This is what we pics of burying the dead cat JJ and Papa John found in the wood stack.  But the rest was a great day!!! :)

 This GINORMOUS slide was rented and blown up in my brother's barn for my nieces 13th bday party!!  My little kids played on this 2 whole hours before the party!!!!

 Time to feed  the bottle calves! 

Because driving the farm truck and gator just wasn't enough!
They had to get out THE BIG ONE!!!!!!!
(JJ wanted to put the plow on too! Papa said he's drawing the line!!)
He was worn out too!!!  They were asleep in the car 5 minutes down the road and straight to bed...that was three hours ago!  Thank you mother and daddy!! LYL!!! YSD

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  1. Hmmm. I guess I was in bed last night before you posted this! You're welcome, and thank you for wanting to be here. We all had fun! The Bible verse is something about a joyful heart. And...when Hannalee was jumping around on the bottom of the slide and jumping out into my arms, I was thinking what pure faith...that I would be there to catch her...not a second thought about it. IF there was even a first. lyl