Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 65 Dear Santa

I know it's only March...but my sweet boy really wanted to CALL Santa today....I told him he didn't have a phone.  Then he said we could Skype him....luckily I convinced him to let me write a letter to Santa (aka Meme--my mom).  Sweet JJ.....when he wants something big he knows he usually has to wait until Christmas or birthday...which are only a week at this point in the year....its a LOOOOOONG time til either.  Poor thing!  But he came running in today while looking out the "window" in the fence today (see post about Nosey Neighbors)......and wanted to do this.'s what we wrote. AND the response!! Thanks for playing along mother.  ;)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Santa....Can I have a semi dump truck like the workers next door?  I love watching the dirt come out.  Hannalee wants one too. She loves horses and wants a dump truck with a semi and she wants her semi decorated with horses.  I have been very nice. AND I would like two plows!!!

Thank you very much.
Love, JJ  Reed Cloud

Dear JJ,

I just received your letter, and I see that you still like trucks.  I remember that you also like dirt.  You like to play in the dirt.  My elves are working on gifts for the people in South America right now, but I will put this letter in my file so that we will remember what you and your sister want next year for Christmas.  We are so proud of you for always thinking of your sister Hannalee.  I know that she loves horses, so we'll see if we can find a semi that is decorated with horses.  I don't remember any little boys ever asking for a semi dump truck before.  They are really big, but that does sound like fun.  I'll remember that you also would like to have two plows.  I guess you are a farm boy.

I hope you have fun watching the trucks that are next door to you.

I look forward to coming to your house next Christmas.  I hope that you and Hannalee have a very good summer.

With love,

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