Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 66 Hay, CANNONBALL & Soccer

Yesterday and today combined into one.....JJ got picked up by his Papa Jerry from Rainbow Lane preschool and they headed for the cow sale.  They go...very frequently...and never buy a cow that isn't in the form of a hamburger!!  That's about the only reason they really go! :)  After that they had to unload ALOT of hay into Papa's barn...of course JJ had to help. 

Hannalee was happy (well...not really) petting the horse...we are STILL waiting on the colt!! 
MAYBE tonight!!!  We'll see.

Then....the other day all I could hear was "CANNONBALL!!!!"  This is what I found--JJ and Hannalee running down the hall and jumping onto the pile of pillows.  too funny!

Hum....can't find soccer pictures....but it was FREEEEEEZING!!! We were all miserable but JJ did good. 

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