Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hannalee. Bennett. Nails. Braums.

All in THAT order....

Hannalee had such a good week at school that she got to invite her friend Bennett to go with her to get nails done.  At Walmart.  Bennett started this "tradition" a couple of months ago.  I wouldn't normally have planned on taking Hannalee to the nail salon....what have we've started now???

So they just get a polish change ($10) and then for $5 extra they get designs on their nails.  
Polka dots it is! 

Then we decided we needed a snack and we order a snack size of 
chicken nuggets. The nice lady at McDonald's oohed & awed over the girls a
about how cute they were. She went on and on.
When our order came out it was two happy meals; NOT just a snack!
And with toys!
I told her I didn't order and pay for happy meals...but the lady 
said SHE did!  She wanted the girls to have them.
They thought it was fabulous!
Bennett even said,
I'm glad you know that Bennett!
You and Hannalee are so fun and sweet!

OH! I thought they could hang out a few more minutes in the car and visit together
while I just went through the drive thru at the bank. 
While sitting there....Bennett looks at the Braums sign of the restaurant 
across the street from us.
"Can we go to Braums' too?"

I laughed...I almost said no...but I thought.... IS a special day! 

Love both of you girls!

As I was driving Bennett home and driving past the snow cone place,
"Can we have snow cones too?!  

I drew the line!  

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