Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kool-Eggs to Dye

We told Hannalee we were going to dye the eggs.
She started crying and crying!
She did NOT want to dye eggs...we couldn't imagine what in the world was wrong with her?!
I told she didn't have to but we still didn't know why she was crying about
dying the eggs for Easter.

But once we got the eggs out of the fridge and got the kool-aid 
packages she thought it looked fun!

They had a great time. Anytime you dye eggs its a mess
but at least with koolaid it smelled better than the
vinegar mess!

After awhile we somehow realized that Hannalee 
thought we were going to do something horrible and bad (die) to the
eggs we had put in the incubator to hatch out!
THAT is why she had cried.  Poor baby...thought we were 
going to kill the eggs that we were trying to turn into chicks!

1 comment:

  1. Poor Hannalee. You never what's going through kids' brains for sure. I'm glad you didn't die/dye/kill the chickens. The eggs look so pretty. You all did good with kool aid. I'm glad we got to watch you find eggs on Easter.