Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WOCS Grandparents Day Spring Poem

So the grandparents spent the day at JJ's school and then went to watch his program
that night.
they say all books of the New Testament.  JJ got to introduce the song
Then we did a poem (its really a book) in Spanish.
They did a great job!
Thanks grandparents for coming!

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  1. JJ did so good at his program. He looks so cute in his blue shirt, and you can tell that he knew every word of both things. We could hear him! The teachers did a good job teaching them too! Who is his Spanish teacher I wonder?? Yesterday, Papa took him someplace..oh, probably breakfast...and a man came up to them and told JJ he recognized him from his program. He remembered his big belt buckle. He knew who he was anyway.