Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Pics to Share and Remember

JJ's and His bestest little friend, Kollin!

I call them "two peas in a pod!"  They t hink they are going to either be team ropers when they grow up or gold miners.  It's in their blood.   That and dirt!

He's a great friend!

JJ and his other best little buddy, Tanner!

These two together are like watching.....I dunno...
two very funny, clever and sometimes sneaky boys
who think THEY will be bull riders!

This was on their first grade field trip with Mrs. Sander's class to
the corn maze in Weatherford.  

Just a sweet (almost grown up looking) picture of Hannalee this summer....

My sister in law and I ran a 5K race this fall
on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.  
It was a fundraiser for diabetes.
The start line was outside of the Owen Field football complex
 and the finish line was down on the field!Love me some Sooner Love!!!!!

this is me and my life long friend, Vern.  Another
childhood friend, Janet and then Vern's mother.
Many stories of love and laughter wrapped around this table for a late summer
get together!

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