Saturday, December 29, 2012

Round 3 Mutton Bustin' with JJ

Well......there are 2 more weeks left of this "out west junior bull riding" series....we may not make it!  JJ so far should get the "tough luck" award.  First week....sheep shot out like a bat out of hell.  Second week, the sheep shot out and headed for the fence and JJ crashed into the fence.  Tonight, we liked the sheep number, 79, and he was second up.  We were ready. 

Open the gate and let him roll....roll to the ground! The sheep fell to the ground 3 steps out of the gate!  And fell on JJ!  He's fine, but it shook him up and hurt his leg a bit.  It was such a bad ride that they told him he could do a "re-ride." He told the judge he didn't his re-ride. Afterwards, talking to Papa Jerry, he said the sheep was trying to go down in the shoot before they opened the gate!  We were doomed before we started. 

 I was a little disapppointed that he didn't want to do it, but it was fine.   So.....there are two weeks left, not sure what he'll think about next week!  I just want him to finish. More than that, I really want him to get one good ride and enjoy it!  We of course are proud of him every time that he just tries!

He might get the "hard luck" award.....but he would also get "best lookin' cowboy" award too! 
Love you, JJ! 

This is another Mutton Buster.....Casey. 

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  1. Well, poor JJ! Dumb sheep. Hard luck I guess, but does he have to finish this "sport"? JJ, you know I don't like it much don't you? But we love you!