Saturday, December 22, 2012

Round 2 of JJ Mutton Bustin'

They call it Mutton because that's what you're riding....they call it bustin' because that's what is happening to you...bustin' your hiney when you fall off!

We went to the event again this week.....our goal after our first week...was to stay on longer than last week.  Next week our goal is to stay on the whole 6 seconds...without touching the sheep!  He did better!

The pics aren't great!  But my goal this week was just to get a pic of him actually on the sheep!  We both did better....can't imagine how great we'll be next week! LOL!!!

He did good!  Thanks to Brandon for helping us out!!

A few pics on sheep 627!  Ha!

You can't tell me this picture shouldn't be in an ad in a magazine?!
Somebody call the ad agency!!  Man this kid is good lookin'!
Good job, God!  :) 

Brandon on the left...JJ riding....Papa Jerry in the black hat!

Hold on!!

Whoaaaa!  Can't use both hands.  

Watch the fence......

Timer off but touched with both hands....

Tough luck, Cowboy Cloud!

But you stayed on longer than the first time!

We are proud of you!

You are learning good Sportmanship and to give God the glory for everything you are able to do!
Love you, Son!  :)


  1. Oh my. I just can't like it very much. I don't like games that require helmets and stuff for my grandson. You did do good though J.J. But, that was exactly my thought about the cute needs to be an ad!!

  2. Papa John says you're a handsom dude!!