Monday, April 20, 2009

1 Kings 18-20

Day 110

JJ got to sit with us in big church last night.  We left the house to check on the baby chicks at 4:00 and church wasn't until 6:00.  We didn't come back to the house before church and didn't really have anything for JJ to read or draw on during church.  but we found some paper and a book that he looked at...he did really good for sitting in big church!!!   We were proud of him.  I whispered at one point that he was doing really good and that I was proud of him. I whispered, "keep doing good and you'll get John Deere ice cream when we get home!" Well...he did good and got the ice cream.......its lime sherbert....ANYTHING that is green is the same to him as John Deere.  No...there isn't really John Deere ice cream...but there is if you're JJ!!!  

Chapter 18   So here's the problem......the people of Israel think they can worship two gods...Baal and's a pagan god and one's the True God.  They think they will receive blessings from both.....not gonna happen! :)  Elijah, the prophet, makes it clear that nothing could be further from the truth.  God is a jealous God....there will be no other god.  Verse wavering between two must choose God!  The pagan god, Baal is not able to produce fire.  The fire that burns is from God.  The rains come too and the drought ends....only God can do that!

Chapter 19  Elijah takes of and runs for his life!  On the heels of an incredible victory, the excitement has passed and spiritual and physical strain leave Elijah depressed.  Jezebel still holds the whip and threats.  Elijah escapes and goes to Mt. and water provided by an angel.   In the same place where God made Himself known to Moses, God speaks to Elijah.    Not so alone anymore, Elisha is there to help him and continue God's work.

Chapter 20  War.  War. And more war.  The bottom line of this was made to demonstrate that hills and plains alike are under God's dominion.  

Tomorrow:  finishing 1 kings with chapters 21-22.    We will have read 11 books of the Bible!!! Can you believe it????!!  Good job!!

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