Saturday, April 11, 2009

2 Samuel 19-21

Day 101

Well...the day isn't over yet!! I finally made it here........about 13 hours later than usual! We are at my folks house so I'm a little out of routine and short on time!

Chapter 19 David mourns the death of Absalom. David returns to Jerusalem. Mephibosheth was betrayed by his own servant. King David gives him a new servant. King David rewards Barzillai who provided food and bedding to Kind David and his people when they were fleeing Absalom. Now David wants to reward the old man but he asks that Kimham, possibly one of his sons, be rewarded instead. So King David does so. Lesson learned here: we can pray that God, our King, will honor our faithfulness to him by doing for our family members "whatever pleases" him (v. 37).

Chapter 20 Sheba rebels against David. He was just flat out a troublemaker and tried to turn people against King David.So the clever woman at the wall is responsible for the head of Sheba being handed over to Joab!

Chapter 21 The Gibeonites are avenged after crazy ol' Saul. In order for them to feel avenged and for things to be just and made right, they asked for 7 sons of Saul to be put to death. Because of the previous pledge, Mephibosheth was spared! But for the 7 who were executed, it happened in the spring (harvest time) but the poor mother devoted herself to watching over the bodies for about 6 months...for it says she stayed from the beginning of harvest and until the rain poured .....the rainy season wasn't until October. She was heart broken but had such great maternal love and tenderness for her children! After the bones were ALL finally buried, God answered prayer in the land again.

Tomorrow....last 3 chapters of 2 Samuel

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