Friday, April 17, 2009

1 King 10-11

Day 107

Have you ever been to a water aerobics class?  Don't let anyone  tell you that it isn't a workout!!! IT IS!!! Just ask me and my sister in law!!!!  We've been sore all week.....first day was our calves and we couldn't walk!   It's a solid hour of cardio and lifting weights...the weights being empty downy detergent bottles filled with water and lifting them above your head!! As much as I carry Hannlee arms are STILL sore today after last night! I've done this class in the past, but I've now realized how much the girls and I just talked waaaaaaay more than we worked out in the pool. Oh well....we had fun at the time....Kimberly and I are having fun....we're just not talking as much and are huffing and puffing!  

Chapter 10  The Queen of Sheba -- she couldn't believe what wealth and wisdom Solomon had so she had to go see for herself.  Jesus even talked about her in Matthew 12:42 saying that she had to come see for herself and listen to Solomon's wisdom.  She had several reasons for the trip...obviously her curiosity was a factor.  And she wants to have a a trade agreement with Israel and Solomon to do business throughout the earth.  

666   -- there is no apparent significance here to the amount of money that Solomon receives. But it is equal to about 25 today's money.....the BILLION-dollar range!  Billion!!!

Chapter 11 Here comes the king's downfall....women and wives.  He has so many political marriages that it gets him in trouble with God......even though God promised him the wealth and wisdom that Solomon asked for, Solomon still insists on taking many wives.  Even worse...they are foreigners, married to form simply and only political alliances.   These foreign wives worship pagan gods and makes for not a good union with the Lord.  He is blinded by love and finds it easier to stray from the Lord than to stay close to the Lord.    Therefore, Solomon's son will not inherit the kingdom....he only gets one tribe of the is Jeroboam's son, Rehoboam, that will get the kingdom.  Solomon lacked a true commitment to the Lord and it cost his own son the kingdom.  This is made very clear in verse 38....IF you obey...yes, it's OUR part...not on God's!! The "I will" are God's promises.....He will do His part and fulfill His promises....but we have to do ours first!!!

This story is our lesson: it is a clear call to us today to be sure that nothing, and no one, comes between us and our worship and obedience.  

tomorrow 12-14

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