Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 Kings 9-11

Day 115

ahhhhhhh.....the sound of sleeping children.   :)  

Our butterflies have emerged!!!!!  All but one.  He'd better come out today or he's going to be lonely.....I'm afraid to let them go in the wind today, but they've got to get out of the laundry room!!  They've been eating sugar water off a cotton ball in the bottom of the butterfly pavilion!!!Time for them to move on.   Hum...what's our next project??  Hum......any ideas?! :)  

Chapter 9 Jehu is appointed king by a coup!! Isn't that a funny way to become king??  Run into the house, dump so oil on him, and announce that he is king.  But! You'd better run fast and get out of there!!!!  Elisha has carried out Elijah's final commissions and looses no time in killing King Joram of Israel, Ahaziah of Judah who is with him, and finally Queen Jezebel....all deaths fulfilling the prophecy of Elijah.  Gruesome and gross!!!!  

Chapter 10  This was a blood bath if there ever was one!! All of Ahab's family, many in the royal house of Judah, and the prophets, priests and worshippers of Ba'al loose their lives!!!  Objects associated with Ba'al worship are destroyed. BUT!!! More now how I love it......for all the death and destruction, they've turned around and created shrines at Bethel and God's laws are still neglected!!  Jehu reigns for 28 years but they loose the land east of the Jordan to Syria.  

Chapter 11  Queen Athaliah, Ahaziah's mother and the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, reigned for 6 years.  These are some of the darkest days of the nation's history. The royal line of David is all but wiped out....only the baby Joash survives and another coup (bloodless this time) puts Joash on the throne....he was 7!Not what I want JJ doing when he's 7.  The constitutional monarchy is restored and the covenant with God is re-affirmed!  

Lessons learned:  We can't say it enough, read it enough, or learn the lesson enough.....obedience to God.  If you obey, God will fulfill!!  Simple enough, huh?! :)   

tomorrow:   12-14

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