Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1 Kings 6-7

Day 105

No stories......other than the 5 caterpillars are ALL in their chrysallis and the eggs are all 20 some odd the garage.  Dusty has another 20something at school.  Where are we going to put all of these chicks I hear you ask????  At Papa Jerry's place!  Not here!  Dusty has several places to put them and one nice big hen house that they roost in.   It's fun.  

Chapters 6-7  Well...there was some gold, and there was more gold and more gold and more gold.  That about covers the temple.  It took 7 years.  Then there was the palace (took 13 years to build), some more gold...throw in some bronze...don't use any tools on either (that's how the pagans did it) and the main point is  found in v. 11-13.....God is with His people.   That's it.   That's the lesson learned......God is with You!  Be His people today!  You are loved!

Tomorrow:  chapters 8-9

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