Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 Kings 12-14

Day 116

I see the OKC Memorial Marathon is today!  OH MY.....there was a day before kids that I was there.  Two years in a row and I did the 1/2 marathon.  WOW!!  I barely have recuperated from going back to water aerobics!!!   Next year, dear race, next year!! :)  Better start my training today! :)  

Chapter 12  So they are supposed to have been repairing the temple...I mean after all, they had been taking the money out of the offering to repair it....But by the 23rd year...they still hadn't repaired it.  They put a new device in place for the collection of money and put work in hand!And then King Joash has a decline in political and moral areas.  Syria (Aram) makes inroads into Judah and threatens Jerusalem....the king dies at the hands of his servants.  

Chapter 13  Jehoash of Israel reigns for 16 years and there is war with Judah.  Elisha's last prediction of victory of Syria is realized.  The prophet dies, but even in death his body retains God-given power....his bones were alive!! ??   Hum......another miracle of God that proves that the God Elisha served is still living and working among his people.  THAT is our lesson learned...where do you see God today......working and moving among you?  What is God doing in your life??  Don't just think about it...tell others about it!!

Chapter 14  Amaziah is a "good"king who regins 29 years...victory over Edom goes to his head.The disastrous challenge to Jehoash brings the forces of Israel right into Jerusaelm looting the Temple, and other treasures.

Jeroboam II rules for 41 years...he was politically strong but after his death the nation fell apart.  Like always it seems, there is corruption....extreme wealth and poverty...the grinding down of the poor and the weak.   

Okay.....go read.  go live.  go tell!!!  go love!!  

tomorrow:   15-17

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