Monday, April 6, 2009

2 Samuel 1-3

Day 96

some days I think I'll never get this done!  ARGH!!
Chapter 1   David laments the death of Saul yet everyone expected him to be excited about it.  I mean, after all, Saul wanted David dead!  It's not about David and Saul themselves....its about the loss for the nation as a whole....for all of Israel.  He did respect Saul and revered him as a king.  David shows his unselfish love and concern for his people. This is one of the most moving and beautiful poems from David....all about Saul and his dear friend Jonathon.  Do not be confused!!!!  This was not a homosexual all!! Dear friends and nothing more.  David had all the women he could want!!!  He didn't need a guy!! ;)   Plus, homosexuality was forbidden in Israel (Lev. 18:22).   

Chapter 2 far......only Judah accepts David as their king (and maybe Simeon)!  The other ten tribes are keeping allegiance and following the lead of Abner.....Saul's army commander.  And they are giving allegiance to Ishbosheth, Saul's son.  The nation was divided about this for 2 years.  They tried to settle this issue by a single combat but civil war followed.  

Chapter 3   Ishobesheth wasn't as strong as his father and eventually Abner gives over to following David and the nation follows.  Abner is killed and David mourns him too.   

Tomorrow:  2 Samuel 4-7

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