Saturday, April 4, 2009

1 Samuel 25-27

Day 94

Chapter 24 we go again...another great leader dead and gone.  I didn't cry about Samuel like I did Moses! :)  There is not going to be another great religious leader until we read about Elijah.  There just won't be one equal to him!!  The old prophet had anointed Israel's greatest king, but did not live to see him reign.  Here we have the end of an era.  

So, David requests for Nabal. Which I read means "fool!"  (v. 8)  David is not demanding protection money, but is asking some return on past services (v. 15-16).  After all, the man was rich and it was sheep-shearing....a feast time.  

Then comes along Abigail.  She is clever and beautiful.  Her  quick action saves the lives of her husband and household. (v. 22).  She evidently made a good impression on David. (v. 39).  Nabal's death as a double stroke could be punishment from God.  

Chapter 26  The Ziphites were totally FOR and WITH Saul and gave up information against David.  And for a second time Saul finds himself at David's mercy and is shamed into repentance.  David knew that God didn't need to help to his help to put him on the throne.

Chapter 27   David takes refuge again with the Philistines. Achish is once again completely fooled.  Pretending to raid Israel and her allies (v. 10), David in fact wipes out enemy cities leaving no one alive to tell the tale!!  

Lessons learned:  God values our life more than anyone!  We are to value our lives as well and do great and triumphant things for the Lord, because of the Lord!!  

tomorrow:  finishing 1 Samuel   28-31

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