Thursday, April 16, 2009

1 Kings 8-9

Day 106

Oh shoot! I had a funny to tell you today.....I thought about it last night........can't remember it this morning. I know it had to, no, has to do with coupons!  I know.  Coupons.  Last night at church we were talking about being remorseful (like Judas Iscariot) vs. being redeemed.  Judas was remorseful for what he did to Jesus and so remorseful, that he hung himself.  What would have happened had he NOT hung himself?  Jesus would have forgiven him and he would have been redeemed.  Being remorseful is no good if you aren't redeemed.  Like a coupon...we are no good if we just sit in our coupon box, or stay in the paper and never get cut out and redeemed.  There is only value in being redeemed!!!  There's your Thursday morning sermon. :)   Thanks be to God for resurrection and redemption! Amen?  Amen!!

Chapter 8   Well, I've got a little extra time on my hands this morning so I thought I'd go through this chapter verse by verse....all 66 of them.  Here we go!  Okay...NOT!   If I had that much time, I'm sorry, but it wouldn't be to do all 66 verses.  :)  Solomon's prayer is at the heart of this entire chapter about the dedication ceremony.  The ark gets moved from Zion to here and God's presence fills the temple.  The whole temple building shines with the light of God's presence--the same bright cloud that once rested on God's tent in the  desert (Exodus 40: 34-38).  Solomon asks that God will hear the prayers of the people and forgive the sin of his people when they focus on the temple--even though no building on earth could ever contain the God of heaven.  Prayer is followed by blessing (v. 54-61) by sacrifices (v. 62-64--could they REALLY and did they REALLY burn 120,000 cattle??  I can't believe they stand the smell of the burning!! UGH!!  

And don't you think it is interesting that Solomon is married to Pharaoh's daughter?!   Oh more irony! I love it!!  He's married to an Egyptian woman that worships pagan god's and yet there is Solomon offering praise and worship to God.  Hum...what's in Solomon's heart really?  Interesting.  

I also like the verse 61...."but your hearts must be fully committed to the Lord our God, to live by his decrees and obey his commands, as at this time."  That's our lesson learned.

Chapter 9  God speaks to Solomon again and repeats the promise made to David (v. 3-5) but this time, there is a warning (v. 6-9)....don't turn away from the matter what!!!  Solomon gives away 20 of his cities for a loan (v. 10-14)...hum....part of a stimulus package??  Or part of the bailout plan?  OH Solomon..........!   There is a labor force needed so the native Canaanites provide permanent slave-labor.  And the Israelites are pressed into short-term forced labor!  He even creates the first merchant navy and trades with Arabia and beyond!  

Tomorrow:  10-11

Be a coupon!!!  :)

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