Monday, April 27, 2009

2 Kings 15-18

Day 117

Only 4 more days and Dusty will be 40!!  We moved our membership  yesterday during church and joined at First Baptist.  It's a good thing!!!  It's the right place and was the right time.  

Chapter 15  He killed someone in order to get to be king. He does evil. He rules.  He dies.  Kinda seems how most of the chapters are going.  Oh y a......they weren't even nice to the women who were pregnant.  So gross I can't even type it.   They were preventing more warriors who would grow up one day to fight against them...but the kings didn't reign, or live for that fact, long enough for the kids to have grown up.  

Chapter 16 Ahaz was one of Judah's worst kings.  During his 16 year reign, he was under attack from all directions.  I've added a link (to the right) that links you to a chart about which king was where and who and when.  When they kill each other off like they do, and thrones change quickly, it hard to keep them straight. I was trying there...but that was before this reading.  :)  I give up!  Read the chart! :)  So Ahaz was the worst king because of his desire for success....and that meant being willing to participate in pagan worship....and that included human sacrifices.  THAT is why he was the worst.  

The Sabbath canopy....this is the only place in the Bible where it is mentioned. 

Chapter 17  Hoshea reigned 9 years ......the Israelites have been exiled by God because of their sin.  They knew they were sinning....they just thought they were sinning in secret!  They didn't fully understand God did they?!  They worshipped God, and simultaneously worshipped false idols "behind his back."   Over the course of years, Assyria repopulated the land with other conquered people....each with its own religion....then there was the Israelite missionary who was sent back from exile.  In hopes to teach the foreigners how to worship God.  Didn't work.  Too many different practices....there was widespread panic and to many nationalities with different cultural identities.  

Lesson learned: No matter what we do....God is with us!  God knows every sin we commit, yet He is also intimately aware of our every need.  Take your needs to the King's throne today!!  

tomorrow:  18-19

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  1. Happy BIG Birthday Friday Dusty! I'll see you before then though. :)