Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 Samuel 13-15

Day 99

I love it that day 100 falls tomorrow on Good Friday.  Check out the poem in a different post about Good Friday to Easter!  

Chapter 13  So crazy Amnon thinks he's in love with his half sister but really....just lust runs through his veins and so he gets a crazy hair-brained idea of how to get Tamar to his room.    IF a man meets a virgin woman he must marry her, by law. So Tamar begs him to marry her so she won't be humiliated.  But he sends her away...not only victimizing her by rape, but by forcing her to spend the rest of her life unmarried.  

Chapter 14  King David was missing Absalom who had fled after killing Amnon, the king's son.  And so Joab makes up a fake lawsuit with the widow woman. And we learn about Absalom and how beautiful he is.....going to be great way to scheme and try and take over the throne from his own father!  

Chapter 15  So here's Absalom's scheme:  he flatters people by giving them verdicts in their favor.  (He pretends to be a judge.) He makes the people unhappy by speaking out against the king and playing up the fact that there aren't any real judges to hear the people's complaints.  He suggests that this can all be fixed by him becoming king or "judge" (v. 4).  Finally, he starts kissing the people and tries to separate himself as a commoner and more like royalty.  So he carries out the plan like a professional.  It is trickery at its best....or even......politics! :)  ha!  And David doesn't even take Absalom and his big ideas seriously.  This takes Absalom 4 years to lay out this plan and then David is  caught off guard.  So in oorder to save the city he takes off and weeps as he travels to the Mount of Olives.  He even is barefooted to show his grief.  But he creates a spy ring and sends out Hushai to spy on Absalom.  David remains hopeful and takes action through prayer!   He places his kingship in the hands of the King!  Amen!!!

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