Sunday, April 12, 2009

2 Samuel 22-24

Day 102

Happy Easter!!! What a mighty God we serve!!!!

Chapter 22 This is David's "song of praise" -- he has been saved from enemies; God is his strength and stronghold; the Lord spoke; the Lord rescued David; David has been rewarded for his righteousness; the Lord lives! God is the Rock and is Exalted and is praised among all nations!!! David has been a poet, a shepherd, a soldier and a great leader. This same song is also found in Psalm 18. What parts of this poem/song apply to your life? Go back and underline the parts that speak to you and thank God for the ways He has helped and delivered you!

Chapter 23 The last words of David....God has made an everlasting covenant with David and his salvation with be David's full desire. (Many of these stories of David will be found again in the book of 1 Chronicles.) David's men risk their lives to fetch water for David. And he pours it out! Justify FullWHAT?!! But these men have just risked their lives to get the water!! BUT!!! David pours it out as an offering and sacrifice to the Lord. By pouring out the water David is communicating his regret for a foolish request that causes three men to risk their lives.

Chapter 24 The Lord was angry again and made (even really seduced them--to see if they'd fall for it) David and his men take another census. This census was to see if David would boast in the strength of his men OR in the power of God alone! David is given three options for taking the census: 1) three years of famine; 2) three months of fleeing; 3) or three days of plague. Each` of these is chosen to humble David. Of the three, David chooses the plague that comes directly from God. Lesson learned: sacrifices are costly. Otherwise it is not a sacrifice. What do you have that you can offer to God? What do you have that would be costly to offer? Such a great lesson on Easter Sunday!!! Jesus paid it all!!!! For us! And in response we are able, willing and compelled to give any cost for the Lord!


HE AROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow: 1 King 1-2

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  1. A Life Application Topic from my study Bible that goes along with 2 Samuel 22. Thankfulness requires recognition that something has been bestowed upon us, sometimes undeservedly. For many of us that is problematic because it means admitting our own limitations. David realizes that his victory over his enemies has nothing to do with him. In other words, he recognizes that he receives something that is beyond his capabilities. When we compare our competence and qualifications with God's awesome power we can see that we've all received something that surpasses our means. Marveling over God's might and majesty helps us to understand that thanking God every day is in order.