Thursday, April 30, 2009

2 Kings 23-25

Day 120

Well...nothing like posting twice in one day because I was behind.  

Now then......

Chapter 23   Josiah wastes no time in renewing the covenant from the lost and found Law book.  He zealously wants to restore Judah's relationship with the God of Israel.  He begins ridding the places of their pagans idols and shrines.  The temple itself is cleaned out by burning all of the pagan articles, including the Asherah pole.  the destruction is ongoing and immense....seems to reflect the wickedness of the people and its depth.  Josiah is not merely going through the motions but he is truly passionate and sincere about serving the Lord.   How often do we just go through the motions?  It must be as verse 25 states, "with our heart, soul, and strength!"  

Chapter 24    God was so excited and willing to forgive the people during Josiah's reign. They were so close to being an obedient people.  But sadly the people of Jerusalem consistently do the opposite. Jehoiachin is King of Judah....he reigned 3 months.   Following king Jehoiachin's deportation, Nebuchadnezzar strips the temple of the riches and the leaders...and deports them all to Babylon to serve as slaves.  Though God listens, hoping to hear them speak of their sincere love and doesn't happen.  God desires to hear from us as well!!!  But forgiveness of sin requires only one thing......our turning from sin...our repentance!  Ask and meditate on the Word and confess!  

Chapter 25  Zedekiah attempts to escape south, but is caught and taken to Babylon too. Jerusalem falls to the Babylonian army and it is looted and utterly destroyed.  Gehaliah, governor, is murdered and the people escape to Egypt to avoid the inevitable wrath of Babylon...taking Jeremiah with them.   

Tomorrow:  1 Chron 1-2

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