Friday, April 3, 2009

1 Samuel 21-24

Day 93

Ahhhhh....the quiet of no wind!   Shew!!  Enjoy today.....its back tomorrow!  Off to the grocery store and if I'm lucky on time today...I"ll scalp the yard!  Been wanting to for 2-3 weeks now.  Gotta get it scalped!   

Chapter 21  Ahimelech pays dearly for David's deception. But David is fed and armed (with Goliath's sword!!!)  and makes his escape to the Philistine city of Gath.  Because he was afraid that they would recognize him for his fame of slaying Goliath, David acts like a crazy mad man.  He does this so well that Achish is even convinced.  

Chapter 22  King Saul is out for revenge!  David and his whole family are outlawed or exiled.  but still Saul is not satisfied.  There seems to be more than a touch of paranoia in his outburst in verses 7-8.  Ignoring the voice of truth and reason (v. 14-15) he orders the first slaughter of God's priests and then the death of all inhabitants of Nob.  When David hears the news, it is with an awful sense of responsibility.

Chapter 23  David gets his men together (all of his outlaws!) and organizes them into a band of an effective military force. But Saul is relentless and keeps pursuing them on the move  The encouragement of a friend in such a situation is comfort indeed.  Johnathan, remarkably, acknowledges David's title for being king!!    And in doing so, he humbly accepts a lesser role for himself (v. 16-18).

Chapter 24  David spares Saul's life.  In the cave, Saul was completely at David's mercy...and never even knew it!!!  David refused to take a short cut to the throne and even brought Saul to his senses.  Saul's mood changed yes, but I wouldn't trust it to be consistent!!  :)  

tomorrow:  25-27

Jesus paid it all......

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