Monday, April 13, 2009

1 Kings 1-2

Day 103

Chapter 1   King David is old an man now and the throne is up for grabs!  Well...not for grabs really, but Adonijah thought it was.  He thought he should have been the heir to the throne.   He rounded up the backing of the Joab (the army commander) and Abiathar (one of the chief priests.)  But the throne has been promised to Solomon (Adonijah's half brother).  Nathan was quick thinking and the king took action to ensure that Adonijah was outwitted.  Solomon was made king and initially a co-king with David.  

Chapter 2  As death approached King David he gives Solomon final instructions and advice.  Adonijah pays dearly for what he requests from the king....Solomon thinks his request is a second bid for the throne for he has asked for "possession" of one of his predecessor's harem.  Abithar is dismissed and Joab dies a violent death.  And Shimei, another troublemaker, had been put on paroled in Jerusalem.  He breaks parole and Solomon has him killed.

Lessons learned:  like Adonijah and Joab went to the temple to the horns of the altar to seek refuge....for us....go to the Lord to seek refuge!  

Tomorrow:  1 Kings 3-5

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