Friday, April 24, 2009

2 Kings 6-8

Day 114

Box of diapers $30.
Formula $22.
Medicine for the ear infection you didn't know about $21.
Sleeping through the night Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 6  Don't you hate it when that happens?  You borrow something and then you break it?!  The poor guy was so poor that he had to borrow the ax and then the head fell off of it and it sank! Mercy!   He was worried about that like as if he had borrowed a neighbors lawn mower.  THAT I would worry about....but an axhead?! But he was so poor that he couldn't begin to replace it  Elisha to the rescue and made the iron float.  The army of God protects Elisha and he is proven to be a true prophet of God to the king (Joram).  But there is a famine so great in the land that they have resorted to what I know as the "Al Packer Meal Plan!!!!"  YUCK!!  I know of Al Packer because of Lake City,'s not in the Bible, but he was a cannibal just like we have here.  Extreme behavior.....people had to literally be out of their mind to do such things!!!  I guess the less here is:  if you can't count the calories in it, don't eat it!!!! :)  

Chapter 7 Elisha was surrounded by peace but it, like many times, doesn't last. Ben-hadad of Syria returns to lay siege to Samaria, and the people were reduced to starvation.  The Arameans have  left their horses and donkeys out in the countryside in hopes that the city folks will go out and get them because they are starving....and when the city people go to take the animals, the Arameans will take over the city. But the king sent out his "test men" to see what the trap was all about.  Not an unreasonable conclusion.  But the scouts realize that the Arameans have really and truly fled in haste because their clothes, etc were all along the escape route.  This was good news to the Israelite king.  They plunder the campsite and it is so well stocked that prices increase and Elisha's prophecy was fulfilled!!!

Chapter 8  God tells Elisha that Hazael will not only become king of Aram but also that he will terrorize the Israelites.  Not good news for Elisha but he  doesn't even argue with God.  Elisha understands that God does not ordain, control, or allow.   Elisha has a quiet acceptance of God's will.  Do we?  Hum......we don't understand things that happen, but Elisha's response can teach us all about dealing with difficult circumstances.....God sees the forest.....and all we see are the trees.  I just hope Al Packer isn't in them! hahahahahah! :)  sorry.....couldn't resist!

We are off to "trailer sit" my father in laws trailers today.....he'll be out of town and wants someone to be there in case someone wants to buy a trailer.  I can take someone else's money any day! :)  Plus he pays me just to sit in their house and play with my own kids all day.  Can't beat that!!!   

tomorrow:  9-11

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