Thursday, April 2, 2009

1 Samuel 18-20

Day 92

My big heavy patio chairs have blown over in this crazy 50 mph wind this morning....TWICE!  My little schnauzer about blew away going potty!  It's 40 degrees, but so windy that the wind chill is 26!! THAT is cold and windy!!  For April especially.  

Chapter 18  Ever met someone who you just became fast friends with?  And its a lasting friendship?  That is how it is with Jonathan and David.  And a good thing....Jonathan eventually saves his life!  They develop a lasting friendship in spite of Jonathan being Saul's son and Saul wants to kill David out of jealousy.  Can you believe verse 10??  I thought that was interesting..."an evil spirit came from God."  FROM GOD!! An evil spirit...what is THAT all about? ! I don't know whether God actually sent the evil spirit or that Saul was so far and separated from God that there was a void in his own life and that there was room for evil to enter!  This evil spirit has found a place in Saul because he hasn't been filled with the Spirit of God.

David is so poor that Saul offers him a bride but at a terrible price......100 foreskins of the Philistines.  Saul hoped that David would die in the process of trying to acquire them.  Ewwww.  He doesn't only get the 100 he comes back with 200!!!   Saul's plan fails!  

Lesson: If we don't fill ourselves with the Spirit then some other spirit will fill our lives.  You get to choose!

Chapter 19-20      Jonathan is successful at getting Saul to resist killing first. And David escaped and took off to Naioth and Saul tried to go after him.  Eventually, Saul has a black and depressing mood and Michal's deception saves David's life.  For a time he joins Samuel and his school of prophets at Ramah.  Jonathan tries to secure David's safe return, but the friends are forced to part for good.  David has been anointed and has a throne waiting for him.  He can't get discouraged yet! There is hope in the future with  God!!

tomorrow: 21-24

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