Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Verse 1 part B

Okay...so I've been TRYING to memorize this.....let's see...without looking....

"It is the Lord your God who you must follow, and him you must revere.
Keep His commands and obey; (thinking........) serve him and hold fast to him!!!!!"  

Shew!  I've been working on it....its taken a lot of looking and reading it over and over...I've really meditated on it and thought about how it all connects.  I had to think about it alphabetically too...its the teacher in me....I had to remember that "IT" would come before the word "KEEP" alphabetically.  Then I color coded it all with colored pencils.  Here....look........

The words in yellow are all about God..."the Lord" and even the pronouns that refer to the Lord... even highlighted the word "him" and "his"because it refers to the Lord.  

The words in red are who its is written to... "YOU"   ......

Interesting to count how many times there are yellow markings and how many times there are only red markings.  To me...it means that IT IS NOT ABOUT ME.....its about God!!! :)  

The words in blue are about "me" and what I am supposed "to do" ....according to this verse.  This just helps me think about it visually and in my head.  THEN...after I colored those words in blue I noticed a list....look here:

Nothing like a list to shorten all the words down.... to meditate on and hold to heart.

You MUST: follow, revere, keep, obey, serve and hold fast....TO HIM!

Now that I should be able to work with....its not about solely memorizing....its about meditating on it in your heart and REALLY looking at the Scripture.....not just what it says...but what it means and how it really applies to you.  For me...this is great! I'm learning.  I'm thinking.  I listening to the Word.   

Keep practicing...find a method or technique that helps you memorize too. I love Beth's idea to help me get it started...to help me find one that works for me...to help me even begin to work on the memory part.  I've written this on the inside cover:

Keep on!! You are doing great!!

Time to get ready for Spanish lessons at 4:00!


  1. Thanks for sharing all your strategies, Shannan! These are great tips. That looks like a cool bible, too.

  2. Amanda...its a VERY cool Bible! I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! :) That's why I bought...didn't even wait for my husband to get it for me. :) I'll be using it for the Bible study I'm going to teach at church....should be interesting.....

  3. Aunt Margaret and JR...I now know that you are reading and doing this too!!! So glad to know that! How fun!! Love you all! Don't be tooo quiet on here. :)

  4. I don't know how your little brain works....goodness! I admire you for being able to do it though.

  5. Oh mother....I am who I am because you and daddy have ALWAYS encouraged me & supported my hair brained ideas and my willingness to follow God. It's God and you all! Love you lots!!!