Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 71 Who 'dat? What say?

Give them a dead cell phone that doesn't work anymore and you've given these two the perfect gift!! :)  They got these from nana and papa when they were cleaning out his office.  Of course neither phone works, but my stars....they LOVE the phones.  JJ loves his papa Jerry's ring tone..."work work all day long.  punchin' the clock from dusk til dawn.  countin' the days til friday night..." and it goes on...he can say every word.  So.....yesterday JJ was playing with the phone, singing the ring tone and then before the song was over, he stopped singing it and answered the phone.  It was so was like he answered the phone in the middle of the ring tone and then stopped.  We cracked up!!! 

Oh yes...this is JJ "talking" to a "trailer customer!"  
He REALLY thinks he's working.....see the look on his face...he's thinking about what kind of trailer he might have in stock or if he'll have to order it!!!
Makes me giggle!!!

Now Miss Priss...she loves this phone so much that when she didnt stay in her bed all night the phone was what I bribed her with!!!! :)  I'm serious.  She got it the first day and then I put it away that night and told her that she wouldn't get the phone the next day unless she stayed in bed.  IT WORKED!!!  I think in the last month she has only gotten out of bed twice...and even then we've put her back and she's stayed!!!!!!  The phone is MY friend too!!

And really this picture of Hannalee with a phone is to remind us of what she ALWAYS says after we hang up the phone from talking to someone:  
"Who's dat?"
"What say?"

Too cute!!!

Luke 24:14
"And they were talking with each other about all these things
which had taken place!"

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