Thursday, September 17, 2009

Daniel 4-6

Daniel 4-6

chapter 4 was the king crazy? One commentary says he was delusional even! :) In verse 13, it refers to "the holy one." Probably an angel sent by God with a warning for King N.: if he doesn't acknowledge the God of heaven as sovereign, he will be cut down like the tree in his dream.

chapter 5 Daniel's humility is in distinct contrast to the pride of the king. Belshazzar tries to bribe Daniel with purple clothing, a gold chain, and a royal title. But Daniel doesn't want such gifts. He knows the true King--the God of heaven. He also knows that soon Babylon will fall because of King Belshazzar's pride and idol worship. Daniel has unswerving loyalty to God...a foundation that proves more satisfying than any gift or any given title.

chapter 6 The lion's den! the men are jealous of Daniel and are trying to trip him up.....but they quickly realize that no ordinary means will accomplish their task. Somehow they will have to fabricate a way to make obeying his God illegal for Daniel. Therefore...the law that there can be no worship of God for 30 days......

no blogging tomorrow or the next day....gone to OKC for a retreat with the Singing ChurchWomen of Oklahoma!!!

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