Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zechariah 1-7 (8 visions) we are....almost finished with the Old Testament!!! COME ON NEW!!!!!!! SHEW! Hang in there! :)

Zechariah is about judgment and salvation for Judah and the nations; the rebuilding of the Temple as a sign of God's presence; and the nation's leaders in relation to God. The New Testament gospels quote Zechariah (in part two...chapters 9-14) more than any other prophet in the their narratives of Jesus' last days.......reflecting on Jesus as the Messiah. Zechariah, with Ezekiel, have an influence on the book of Revelation.

There are 8 visions in chapters 1-6.....each contributes to a picture meant to be seen as a whole.

vision 1 : The 4 horsemen are patroling the world on God's the mounted patrols which "policed" the persian empire.

vision 2: the four horns....a vivid picture of destruction of the hostile powers which had the ground the nation down--the powerful "horns"

vision 3-- the measuring line-- the wall around Jerusalem had been destroyed and was to be rebuilt...God will be the protecting wall around Jerusalem.

vision 4 --the high priest re-robed. Joshua stands before God representing the people...Joshua's clothes are filthy but God''s purpose is to restore and renew his people.

vision 5 -- lamps and olive trees -- this vision is interrupted by the word from God to Zerubabbel. The lampstands are the Temple and the faithful Jewish worshipers....they are like a light/lamp on a hill...cannot be hidden. The olive trees are 2 men chosen (anointed) by God to serve Him.

vision 6 -- a giant flying scroll comes from God and represents his Law.

vision 7 -- a basketful of wickedness -- a basket like used for measuring grain and all of wickedness is contained in it. God's angel ensure that no evil can escape. All of it is carried off on strong wings, far away to the land of Babylon, the land of the exile. The cleansing is complete.

vision 8 -- four horse drawn chariots -- the riders are God's patrolmen and judge all four corners of the earth. The nations have been judged, God's Spirit is a rest, and there will be peace.

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