Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 125 Very First Report Card! WOW!!!!

WOW!!   I don't know why I ever worried! ;)

I'm not bragging (too much) but I'm really just posting this here so 
we can always remember this great very first school report card and 
share it with our grandparents!
(Plus at the end of this year the blog will all be printed into a book!)  

JJ wasn't too sure about it though when I read "S+" he thought about and could 
tell how excited his daddy and I were about it though!
Then he later said, "I thought it would say A+!!!" 
Ohhh...bless his heart...I told him that is exactly 
what it was like! 
His teacher called him a leader and mature!
Way to go JJ Reed! 
Keep up the good hard word!
It always is worth it when you can feel so proud of yourself 
and you can honor God with your behavior!
We can't ask for anymore or better than this!
Love you oodles!  LYL, Your sweet mommy  (YSM)

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