Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 100 Found in the DRYER!!

Sooooo....I was doing laundry one morning....only had the washer going...not the dryer.  Yet.  Had folded clothes.  Put clothes on to wash.  Hung clothes up.  Took clothes out of the room.  Had been in and out for a couple of hours.  THEN!!!!  I pulled the vent get the fuzzies out....peeled it all off and  threw it away and the put it back in.  Then it happened...I heard....well.... I didn't know what in the world I heard.  I yelled for Dusty to COME HERE!!! COME HERE!!!!  What in the world is that??  I thought something was going to JUMP OUT AT ME from inside the dryer.  But we could hear wasn't in the was the vent hose...inside our house!! Dusty ran outside, pulled the vent cover off and out popped the and white, fuzzy and scared kitty!!!  He was sooo cute.

We have noooo clue how he got in there....other than literally just crawled up it!!  I'm sooo glad I hadn't started the dryer yet.  He might have gotten out...and maybe not...and oh stars!! Can't even begin to imagine!!!!!!

We named him BOUNCE.  Get it...dryer...Bounce!!:)  Bounce ate a hotdog and drank (mostly played in) a little water.  We took him to visit his nana and papa.  Got him a little pet taxi to stay while we were gone later that day.  And now...the best part of the story.....He lives in Jerry Joe's barn!!!!!  With 4 pigs!! That kitten has it made.  Clean barn.  Company to play with and a water cooler to be cool by!!  Can't beat that.

Of course JJ and Hannalee thought it was the best thing we found since Choco the dog!! Hannalee carried that kitty around all day like a rag doll.  My mom calls her "Miss Vet!"  She loves any animal.  She's a little rough with them, but she LOVES them!!!!  We are all happy that  Bounce was rescued from our dryer vent hose and has a new home. :)

2 Samuel 22:20 NIV

He brought me out into a spacious place; 
he rescued me because he delighted in me.

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  1. One of my favorite verses, and what a story!