Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 32 Pudding for Pencils & Stuck in the Snow

Day 32  

Amos 5: 4  "The Lord says this to the family (of Israel): "Seek me so you can live!"  

Let's see....these first ones are from "homeschooling" yesterday since Dusty was off from school.  He wanted JJ to practice some things....letters and spelling his name.  So  Dusty said "let's play school."  JJ said, "I thought school was off today!!"  :)  So they did some Zoo Phonics flash cards and then we had pudding so Dusty did "handwriting" with them...then they played Batman for "PE" time.  ;)  We had fun...until we went to Papa Jerry's and got stuck in their driveway!!! We called them down at the house and told them we were stuck...they were able to go through the trailer sales lot and come from behind us to pull us out with a chain.  JJ thought it was AWESOME!!!!!!  "It's like we're a monster truck stuck in the mud and papa Jerry is a monster truck too pulling us out!"  He thought it was the best thing ever to happen!

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