Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 35 I'll do it!

Day 35....He's already been out in the FRIGID windchill temps once today....and that was before noon!! He played about 20 minutes then I just made him come in.

Then after eating lunch, I said I had to get ready for my Spanish lesson that I teach.  I now have 10 kids that come on Thursdays.  We  gather around my kitchen table, sing songs, and learn new vocabulary words.  So JJ thought he needed to play in the snow again...NO I had said....for the millioninth time I'm sure! :)  But then he thought about it hard enough..."well I better scrape the front porch for the Spanish kids."  He figured out a way to be helpful and to play in the snow! I love that kid!! Clever, smart, and resourceful...all wrapped up in one cool kid!! :)

  (Sister is at the front door yelling at him to keep ringing the door bell!!!)


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